Today dozens of fans flocked to the Young Justice panel at SDCC. The panel began with a screening of trailers from the last two seasons and got excitement surging. Understandably so! Producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman began their discussion by talking about how the show managed to make it’s comeback. First things first, the topic of social media. Social media was not as prominent when the show aired back in 2013, but its popularity today has allowed fans to express their sentiments about the show. The producers say “it was only a matter of time before your voices were heard.” And we’re FINALLY at that point!


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They were also told that they had created “the perfect binge watching show too soon”, Weismann said. Perhaps the audience and demographic just wasn’t in its prime yet. But Young Justice’s premier on Netflix was what really put the show in the limelight. A much larger pool of fans had legal access to the show after it was added to the streaming site, making the recorded numbers of viewers skyrocket. The power of streaming and social media has no bounds, it seems.

26 episodes have been confirmed for season 3! With 10 of these episodes already recorded and 10 more scripts currently in production, there is a lot of affirmation for fans pleading for the return of the show. The last few episodes may not be written just yet, but the fact that only a few are left bodes well for the renewal.


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Producers were nervous because of how high the Justice League and Teen Titans set the bar for animated DC shows. In fact, Young Justice was inspired by Justice League because it was such a great show. But considering that there was inspiration from one superhero show preceding it, fans have also been concerned that the show was replaced with Teen Titans GO!. Vietti and Weisman were adamant that this is not the case—Teen Titans GO! actually helped Young Justice make it’s return, most likely because the concept of teenage superheroes was not lost.

Also announced was that the new season will have a “more adult vibe” than the two previous seasons. This is because season three will air on a streaming service rather than a children’s network. It makes even more sense if we consider that the show was already drawing in mass amounts of adult viewers during its original run. Those fans have remained true to the show, and now the teenagers who watched the show during that run are growing into adults as well. Could it be that at this point there is a larger adult demographic to target than there is for children?


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A first look at season 3 characters was unveiled during the panel. The art appears to “jump ahead a few years” and display an “evolution of style” for the team. Concept art shows recurring characters such as Arsenal, Blue Beetle, and Beast Boy in their upgraded attire. Also shown is Static Shock, who we predicted would make the team after his cameo in season 2. Sleek, all-black costumes will clothe Nightwing, Artemis, Aqualad, and Superboy, which seems to support the more mysterious and “adult” feel of the new season.


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 But the biggest shock for the fandom came in the next slide depicting newcomers Arrowette and Spoiler. Arrowette was revealed to be a young girl who watched Green Arrow and Artemis save her life in a previous season; her identity was revealed to be Cissie King-Jones. Spoiler is known to be the alias for the Bat Family’s beloved Stephanie Brown, meaning that we will be seeing more of the Bat Fam than ever before. Even better than that, this will be Spoiler’s first ever appearance in an animated show!


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Vietti and Weismann are of course elated that season 3 is finally happening, and they are already planning on the show being a success. “We have ideas where most of the characters are going…but mostly we want to see them grow up and evolve”. By grow up and evolve, they apparently mean do see this through multiple seasons. They’re hoping for 1,000 seasons in good humor.

 Weismann also joked that they “killed Wally because we wanted to break your heart”, but everyone in the recording room was also in tears during the recording of the speed force scene. It was to show that there are also consequences to living the hero life. Not everything can be a 30 minute adventure that ends on a good note, apparently. But that doesn’t mean Wally shouldn’t, and can’t, make a surprise reappearance. Though the producers would not give away many spoilers for season 3, there is also nothing to confirm that Wally won’t be back, meaning that there is no reason to lose hope!


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While there is no official release date for season 3, November may be a likely candidate. Fans must continue to stay whelmed and wait it out. Until then, congratulations Young Justice fans! We totally crashed the mode and made season 3 possible!