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Legendary children’s writer R.L. Stine made his first ever Comic Con appearance on Thursday. The 73-year-old author received the organization’s Inkpot Award, which recognizes contributions to the worlds of comics, fantasy and sci-fi. Past recipients include Steven Spielberg, Neil Gaiman and George Lucas.

Stine spoke candidly about his career when he said he was initially reluctant to write scary stories for young readers. However, once he came up with the name Goosebumps he decided to give it a try; 25 years and 130 books later I think he made the right choice.

He also announced that a new line of Goosebumps comics are in the works. It’ll be an anthology series in which a rotating team of writers and artists will give their spins on a number of Stine’s concepts and characters. The opening arc Monsters at Midnight will feature the return of fan favourite Slappy the doll.

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20th Century Fox also plans to adapt his Fear Street series into a set of 3 films.

In the giving mood Stine shared that despite writing hundreds of books he never actually learned to type.

“I only use one finger. I don’t even use two!” he said, showing his bent, bandaged finger to the crowd. “The finger goes, that’s the career.”

On the topic of his favourite “Goosebumps” installment Stine said “The Haunted Mask,” which was inspired by his son’s real-life experience of getting his head stuck in a rubber Frankenstein mask at Halloween.

Weirdest merch? “Goosebumps chocolate advent calendar, sold in the UK.”

Favourite scary movie? “Evil Dead 2”

Favourite Stephen King novel? “Misery and Pet Sematary. I think I stole that plot about four times.”

Scariest experience? When he lost his young son at a New York car show. “That was scary – that incredible feeling of panic. And I lost him for about 20 seconds, but it was horrible.”