The cast of Lucifer had their 2017 Comic-Con panel in the Indigo Ballroom. The panel included cast members Tom Ellis (Lucifer), Lauren German (Chloe), Rachael Harris (Linda), Kevin Alejandro (Detective Douche (Dan)), Aimee Garcia (Ella) and Tricia Helfer (Mom (Charlotte)) and Executive Producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich. Like many of you I wish I was there at SDCC but I am not. I’m going to try and fill you in as best as I can.

The panel opened with Tricia Helfer talking about playing mom in the 2nd season and returning as Charlotte in the 3rd season. Kevin Alejandro spoke about improv, I’d certainly like to see a little more of Detective Dan’s improv.

Afterwards they dropped the season 3 sizzle reel.

Rachael Harris opened up about Dr. Linda and discussed how we will delve more into her character next season. Joe Henderson confirmed that we would.  She also praised the producers:

Up next is Aimee Garcia.

It’s being hinted at that we may see some “biblical” guest stars in the future.

Tricia Helfer back on her character said “Charlotte doesn’t know who she is, so she doesn’t know what she wants…” I wonder what the future holds for Charlotte.

Fans asked for a soundtrack and more of Lucifer singing. I for one am on board with that. Tom Ellis had this to say “I want to see a hip-hop episode.” I also want to see that. Tom Ellis comes clean to all the fans and admits that he can’t actually play the piano. A let down to many.

The panel closed off with some exciting news for next season. Tom Welling from Smallville will be joining the cast as Lieutenant Marcus Pierce. As a Smallville fan I find this super exciting. This is Tom Welling’s first TV role since Smallville. It’s being hinted at that our new Lt. may have an eye for Chloe Decker.

That’s it for Lucifer’s panel at SDCC 2017.

Lucifer returns Monday, October 2nd at 8pm.