Hosted by Ben Travers, the panel for Legion included stars Dan Stevens (David Haller), Aubrey Plaza (Lenny), Jean Smart (Melanie), Rachel Keller (Amy), Bill Irwin (Cary), Jeremie Harris (Ptonomy), Amber Midthunder (Kerry), and Navid Negahban (Farouq), as well as writer Nathaniel Halpern and Marvel Television producer Jeph Loeb, and Executive Producer and Director John Cameron.

The first, and most important bit that was talked about, the dancing, and how it was actually inspired by, and somewhat choreographed by Bill Irwin, who’s a legit amazing dancer. They way they are written in the script are “They dance,” and then the dancers have to figure it out (That might have been a joke).

Talking about directing, what ever is written out, the directors (which sometimes is John Cameron) are told to “tell the story in any visual way they want, which is a great freedom.” And that the story coming together is mostly done in post, which is super impressive.

Jeph Loeb talks about how this show is different from the rest of the shows. “It is different just as a rule of thumb. The shows that are currently at Fox, the X-Men, are currently under their control. It’s though the partnership at Fox that we get to be part of the creative (process)… As to how it fits in with the other shows, we just try to make sure that the certain things with look for in a show, it’s aspirational, the hero is someone we can follow and understand, and have great love for. Each one of these people (in this show), in their own way is a hero, and a villain, which is why it’s so popular, I think.”

On whether “David’s dad” will be on the show, Jeph says “We never want to do Easter Eggs as if we are running an Easter Egg farm. We want to do things that Noah [Hawley] feels are right for the story. Also, there’s this whole political ladder we’d have to climb up and down, it’s more of a Jungle Gym.” Commenting on how so many studios own the rights to different characters.

On if Dan Stevens knew that he’d become evil at the end of the season. “Well if you know the comics you know he has the potential to be the greatest villain, but you want to cheer for David & Syd so it was shocking!” also, we find out that Dan Stevens is desperate for season three scoop, like we are. “This is how I get information about Legion, by the way. Just coming to Comic-Con and listening to the panel.”

When Katie is asked about her character becoming the hero of the show. “It’s exciting. The best heroes are the ones that are taken by surprise, when they didn’t ask for it, or expect it. And she’s caught up in something that has a necessity for her… suddenly she’s found love, and now she has trust issues.”

About Aubey’s character, and how she was resurrected as so many different characters, and who Lenny is at the core. “Yea, I’m Lenny… she’s a character that is just caught up in the middle of all this Nonsense.”

About Jean’s character being in mourning for the entirety of season 2. “She’s happy in the ice cube, that was fun. But in the beginning of the season, I thought it was right to see her in a deep dark hole, because she spent her life waiting, and waiting, and to get Oliver back, and then he doesn’t remember her, and runs off with Aubrey Plaza. So she’s ok with staying in a room to get high for a while.”

As for the rest of the panel, we get to find out the wonderful relationship between Bill and Amber (the Kerry/Cary’s), and how they got along very well from the beginning. How Jeremie wants Ptonomy to get out of the mainframe as soon as possible, and how Navid has never played a villain in his life, and that Farouq’s a hero. Overall is was a fascinating panel, and as much as we didn’t learn a thing about season 3, hearing the cast and crews excitement for the next season is infection, and I can wait.