With all the excitement about San Diego Comic-Con, you may have missed the new two-minute trailer for Outlander’s third season, premiering September 10th. Check it out below!


If the trailer isn’t enough to get you excited for this season (and how is that possible?!) a new photo of (a very unkempt and scruffy) Jamie [Sam Heughan] was released, as well.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

“He’s not himself for maybe six episodes,” explains Heughan. “He didn’t expect to live. He went into the battle to die. He goes on a big journey from realizing that he’s still alive to finding a balance in staying alive to finding out who he is without Claire.”

Book readers have some ideas about what will happen in Season Three (based on my favorite book in the series, Voyager), but with ideas come expectations, which the show is only too happy and anxious to live up to, especially regarding the famous reunion scene.

“We want them to go, ‘Oh my God.’ We want them to love it. We even hid something in there that hopefully will be seen on camera as a surprise.” says executive producer Matthew B. Roberts, referring to an easter egg put in the print shop scene.

Are you as ready for Droughtlander to be over as I am?