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A legend in the world of conventions, John Barrowman treated audiences to the gift of his hilarious, honest, unfiltered presence this morning in a panel titled “Anything Goes,” at San Diego Comic Con.

What’s the best way to kick off a panel? Show up in a dress and just TWIRL! That’s what Barrowman did, as he enters the hall in a glittery blue dress, exclaiming “I am the transgender TARDIS!”

Although he is known to show up to panels and cons in extravagant cosplays, often of the gender-bent/cross-dressing variety, he was still asked at today’s panel why he chose to show up in a dress. His response? “This is to celebrate all the changes that are happening and being hated on Doctor Who right now.”

JB cosplays

Throwback: Barrowman’s legendary SDCC 2016 cosplays. Image source: @JohnBarrowman Official Twitter

Barrowman continued the panel by answering questions from fans and, of course, going off on tangents, telling crazy stories such as that time his husband walked by while he was livestreaming… totally naked; or his 50th birthday party, to which his Arrow co-star Stephen Amell showed up wearing nothing but a speedo.

Of course, Barrowman was asked the expected questions regarding the recent news that the newest regeneration of Doctor Who would see a female take on the role. Obviously excited about this development, he said he was actually glad that the news has caused some controversy. Additionally, he agreed with a fan that it would be great to see a male companion join the Doctor – or perhaps a transgender one.

And on a lighter note… He also performed a sing and dance arrangement of “Copacabana.” Hilarious, loud, and proud – it’s hard not to love this guy, don’t you agree?