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Rick and Morty are BACK! Except as MTG Trading Cards

Rick and Morty Season 3 premieres at the end of July, and everyone (us, that is what counts as “everyone” these days) has been re-watching the first two seasons.  With the announcement of the new season came a wave of fan art and memes, dusted off from the back of the Internet’s closet.  Michael D. noticed a lack of fake Rick and Morty themed Magic cards, seriously google it — it’s a sea of Rick Planeswalkers and Romulons, and then he remembered that if the internet isn’t going to make the content you want, then you should just poorly make it yourself. So enjoy these satirical Magic Cards while we wait for the new season!

Black Camoflauge
Source: Michael DeWitt TGON

Who doesn’t love the couples therapy episode?  Have another based on the same idea!

Source: Michael DeWitt TGON

And who can forget the Mega Tree Seeds from the very first episode

Mega Tree Seed
Source: Michael DeWitt TGON

Mortys always get the short end of the stick

morty matrix
Source: Michael DeWitt TGON

And who can forget when Snuffles changed his name to Snowball and took over the world

Source: Michael DeWitt TGON

Rick and Morty always gives us great reaction images, so lets have one of those as a card too

eyeball ball ball ball
Source: Michael DeWitt TGON

Scary Terry is a personal favorite, bItch

scary terry
Source: Michael DeWitt TGON

And in case you haven’t noticed by now, the voice actor for both Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland, also provides the voice for Lemongrab on Adventure Time

wrong multiverse
Source: Michael DeWitt TGON

And lastly, a card based on the Season 3 premiere “The Rickshank Redemption” that was released on April Fool’s Day just to troll us

Source: Michael DeWitt TGON

Obviously a big thanks to Wizards of the Coast and Adult Swim/the Rick and Morty Team for providing us with the goods to rip-off and mash-up for these fake cards!


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