Hardy and Miller are at it again. (Photo Source: ITV)

We begin our last season of Broadchurch on the steps of a police station.

A woman named Trish, who appears to be severely beaten and distressed, claims she’s been abused and raped. Right off the bat, we see that this season will be vastly different than the first two, which focused primarily on Danny Latimer’s murder. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing–maybe this fresh story will breathe some life back into this mysterious show that began to get a little stale by the end of season two.

Speaking of stale, most of the characters from the first two seasons are back, including Mark and Beth Latimer. Mark is by far one of the toughest characters to like on this show, and he’s already not off to a great start, so let’s hope this season takes him into a better direction (developmentally).  Beth seems as though she’ll fit directly into the storyline, as a trauma consultant for women dealing with sexual assault. We’ll see how the rest of the core cast fit in due time.

Back to the central case, Trish is understandably shaken and quiet when Miller and Hardy pick her up. Miller is as empathetic and warm as ever–reminding us all how spectacular Olivia Colman is on this show–and Hardy seems to have softened a bit. That reminds me…why is Hardy back in Broadchurch? Didn’t he leave for good at the end of season 2? It seems as though his daughter lives with him now, so maybe that’s part of it. I keep getting off track! After Hardy and Miller complete the rape kit with Trish, they take her back to her home, where Hardy does more investigating and Miller attempts to bond. Over time, we find that Trish works at a farm shop outside of town and she was raped at her friend Cath Atwood’s 50th birthday party–a party which 50 men attended. Hardy and Miller visited the party site: an old, secluded manor by a stream, and found the spot where Trish was knocked out, tied up, and raped. They also found part of a condom wrapper. All clues and signs pointed to the fact that the rape was premeditated and extremely violent. This means, according to Hardy, that the whole town is now at risk–especially women.

In typical Broadchurch fashion, we were presented with several creepy figures that could be suspects, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from this show…it’s never who you expect.

I’m gonna go ahead and create a suspect list, though. I will add to it and remove from it as the season progresses, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll figure out the culprit before he’s revealed!

Suspect #1: Jim Atwood. Kath Atwood’s husband. He seemed upset that the police were investigating their party AND he had those condoms in his car. He may be too obvious though.

Suspect #2: Trish’s boss at the farm shop. He seemed gruff and rude. I wouldn’t have suspected him, but the blue twine was in a farm shop bag. That’s suspicious.

Suspect #3: Trish’s ex-husband? I don’t have any proof to back this theory up other than a sour marriage.

Suspect #4: That creepy cab driver towards the beginning of the episode. He’s probably not really a possibility. But I’ll include him anyway.

Let me know in the comments if you think my suspect list should be revised and why!