Pretty Little Liars has ended.  The emotional finale aired Tuesday night and it gave all the feels.  PLL was on for 7 years, and managed to keep the attention of millions season after season.  I. Marlene King turned the popular book series into something huge.  The characters were written well to begin with and only grew better with each season.  Overall, this show was incredible.


The series finale was slightly disappointing.  Having the big reveal be a character that no one has ever heard of was just mean.

That laughing, easygoing, pose is exactly what I am picturing I. Marlene King was doing when this reveal took place.  No it wasn’t Spencer doing all of these screwed up games to her friends, it was apparently her long lost twin sister.  Mean.  All of the other A’s had a valid reason for doing the things they did (well not really).

“Loser” Mona was bullied by Allison for no reason.  The girl was driven insane by the torture.  So when her only friend basically left her when “Allison’s” body was found she started torturing the girls.  This reveal was actually shocking and gave people peace of mind that someone who needed help was driven to the madness.  Also Mona was a fabulous A.

Cece being A was for sure a twist and again, we could see why she did what she did.  Her parents sent her away to an insane asylum just because she knew she was a girl.  When Mona was done being A, Cece took over.  While I never understood why she decided to torture her sister and her sisters’ friends, she was upset that she was abandoned.  Seriously though, why not just come up to Allison and go “Hey, our parents are screwed up, but we don’t have to be.”  Instead she built a dollhouse and trapped people inside which she played dress up.  Sure, it was unsettling, but you had to feel a little sympathy for the girl.

But seriously?  Wren and Alex?  Wren I always had a hunch was A.  But how could he allow this to happen to Spencer, he knew what she had been through.  We learned that Alex had been in Rosewood for a while and has been pretending to be Spencer to be able to live her life.  This is a nod to the original story by Sara Shepard which had Allison having a twin.  The most satisfying moment was Mona still being A and keeping Alex and Mary Drake in her own dollhouse.

Overall, this was an emotional ending.  While I wish that in the end A was someone we knew the whole time (like Gossip Girl) the show tied up its ends nicely.  Frankly, I was expecting A to be wearing an Ali mask and the screen to go to black.  The last scenes were adorable and I am so happy that the liars got a happy ending.  After what they have been through, they deserved it.