Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

What a finale! As usual, Rob Thomas and his writers know how to produce an incredible final hour (not just iZombie…remember those killer Veronica Mars finales?).

So I was *mostly* correct about my theory (okay just a little bit right). Fillmore Graves exec Carey Gold was responsible for ALL of the bad stuff. She wasn’t into Chase Graves’ idea of Zombie Island, so she took matters into her own hands and MADE D-Day happen. She started putting her plan in motion pretty early in the season–by killing Wally and his mom (still not super sure why that was necessary), then she brought the Aleuvian Flu into Seattle through Chase Graves’ dog, then she led Harley Johns to suicide bomb Major’s squad. This all led to a Fillmore Graves staff that was loyal to her–and determined to either turn everyone in Seattle into zombies, or eat the resisters. In one of the sexiest moves ever, Just as she was about to have her henchmen take Chase down, he shot them all in the head. This means Chase is not the bad guy here…I wouldn’t say he’s *good*…Liv sure doesn’t seem to like him. Regardless, I hope he has a role next season.

During the chaos, Liv found out that a faction of the Fillmore Graves soldiers tainted the flu vaccines, but not before thousands of people had already received it. Humans we know such as Bosio (back with Clive!), Ravi (more on that in a bit), and reporter Johnny Frost are all zombies now. Oh, and Major too, by choice…that can’t be good for his system.
Johnny Frost took to the air to warn people not to be afraid, and Chase Graves supplied a video as well, ensuring people that this “situation” could stay contained in Seattle. He also said that zombies are just like normal people, but they need brains–brains that will be supplied by willing (dead) donors. While it seemed for a minute that people may react positively, there is a large population that is ready to fight. It looks like Fillmore Graves will have their work cut out for them next season.

Finally, to the biggest stunner of the episode: Ravi got his hands on some more tainted Utopium and was able to create another cure. Instead of testing on rats or other people, he took it himself…and had Liv turn him.

And that’s where this stellar season of iZombie came to an end. Rob Thomas has already said in interviews that we can expect a very different environment next season…but we’ll have to wait almost a year to find out what that means!