*Spoiler warning for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 4, episode 13.

Nate and Zari on Legends of Tomorrow

Nate and Zari go undercover at the Adventure Society in the 1930s on Legends of Tomorrow. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

There are four different storylines going on this episode, with each couple of characters on their own separate thing, and no central mission. Sara attempts to read the book for the book club that Ava invited her to while trying to set up Nate and Zari. Nate and Zari go on a mission to retrieve a magical egg from the 1930s. Mick and Charlie try to fool people at romanti-con into thinking that Charlie is really the author of Mick’s books to get money. Ray realizes that he is possessed by Neron, and tries to fight against the demon. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get into it.

It takes Sara all day to finish the book Ava assigns her (which Ava herself didn’t even read), but it teaches Sara an important lesson that relates to the rest episode. The book is a murder mystery, and Sara realizes that the murderer is the dog-walker, who is treated like crap the entire book.

Nate and Zari go to the 1930s to the Adventure Society to get this magical golden egg. Sara sends them together, and bets Ava that the two will wind up hooking up by the end of the mission. Nate and Zari start to realize the Sara set them up, and when they find that the egg is paper mache, they believe the entire mission is fake. When Nazis burst in and capture them, they call Sara to ask her to call off her fake mission, at which point she tells them that it is very real. The two break free of the Nazis, while Sara and Ava hurry on over to help them. When Sara and Ava arrive, Nate hurries off to help Ray, who he realizes it in trouble. It’s Sara who realizes that the real egg was taken by an assistant who actually made the discovery, hasn’t been getting credit for it, and is treated like crap – like the dog-walker in her book. “It’s always the doormat,” says Sara. They all capture the egg and head back to 2019.

Charlie finds in Mick’s fan mail for his Rebecca Silver books, an offer to reveal who the identity of the author is in exchange for a nice chunk of cash. Mick still doesn’t want to reveal that he writes romance novels, so Charlie decides that she’ll pretend to be Rebecca Silver so that they can get the money. Mick coaches Charlie on how to answer audience questions, and it’s going pretty well until Mona shows, since she still doesn’t know that Mick is the author, and calls Charlie out on her bullshit. The crowd starts to demand that the real Rebecca Silver be revealed. It’s at that point that Mick reveals that he’s the author, and waxes poetic about the characters. Mona realizes that Mick must be the real author, and the crowd cheers. It’s nice that Mick finally gets over his toxic masculinity and reveals how much he cares about his characters and his fans.

The most important part of the episode is, of course, Ray being possessed by a demon. With Constantine off trying to find a cure for Nora, Ray doesn’t know who to turn to, especially since Neron keeps him from telling anyone he’s possessed. He’s not 100% possessed yet though, because Neron needs a willing host. Neron tries to utilize a loop hole, which is that if Ray kills someone he loves, he’ll be able to take over Ray’s body. Ray spends the episode trying to stop himself from killing people. He calls Gary to ask where Constantine is, but instead of calling Constantine, Gary comes over to help Ray himself. It takes a while, but Gary finally realizes that Ray is possessed. Ray then tries to kill Gary, but says that he doesn’t love Gary, so that wouldn’t work for Neron. Gary is hurt by the news, which Neron takes advantage of. He manifests on a TV, and tells Gary that everyone around him takes advantage of him, and that he should pledge himself to Neron, who will help make him whole again. You can tell that Gary is thinking about it.

Of course, Nate returns to the ship at the worst possible time, because now someone Ray loves is on the ship for him to kill. He tries to stop himself, but he starts beating Nate up, and then picks up a knife to kill him, at which point Ray makes a deal with Neron that if he spares Nate, Ray will willingly let Neron take over his body. Neron agrees. Constantine gets back and heals Nora, and when she wakes, she tells Constantine that Ray is possessed. Constantine heads to the ship, and finds a fully possessed Ray. Constantine manages to paralyze Neron, but he can’t hold it. When Gary walks in, he asks Gary to go get his supplies so that they can exorcise Neron, but Gary hesitates to help. Neron then reminds Gary of all the times Constantine and the others have taken advantage of Gary, including the time Constantine convinced Gary to be bait for a carnivorous unicorn and Gary lost a nipple. Neron then makes Gary’s nipple reappear. Constantine warns Gary not to touch it since it’s been to hell, but Gary doesn’t listen. He says that he doesn’t want to be a doormat anymore, and reattaches the nipple (see, I told you Sara’s book relates to the rest of the episode). Neron breaks free of Constantine’s spell, and knocks him out. Gary gets the time stone from Constantine’s pocket, and the two escape.

With the news of what happened, Ava realizes they need Nora to help defeat Neron, and she offers Nora not only freedom, but status as an agent of the Time Bureau. Her redemption arc complete, Nora takes Ava’s offer with a smile and a lot of pride. Zari returns to the ship, and seeing Nate all beat up, she finally decides to admit what she feels for him, and the two kiss. They get distracted by the egg though, which starts moving. Gideon analyzes the egg and tells them it’s a dragon’s egg.

This episode is an everything but the kitchen sink type of episode with everything going on, but it’s also the culmination of a lot of long running plots this season, and a gateway to the next phase of the season. A phase that sees Ray possessed by Neron, Neron and Gary working together, Nora trying to take Neron down, and Zari and Nate finally in a romantic relationship. And apparently a dragon’s going to be involved. With only three episodes left, this is going to be wild ride.