Master of None - Season 2

Barbara Nitke / Netflix / Universal Television

In episode 7, Master Of None looks at the options we are presented with, and those we carve out for ourselves, when we have to make a choice. The title and the episode play on the typical game-show trope where the contestant is presented with 3 doors and they have to pick one to get their prize.

Will Dev & Peter get zonk’d? Keep reading to find out! (hehehehe Let’s Make A Deal joke)

In the A plot, Dev gets presented with a SEVEN year Clash of the Cupcakes hosting contract. Before he gets this offer, we see him struggle to record some promos without looking like he wants to die, so when Chef Jeff tells him about it, we can guess where his head is at.

To get some clarity, Dev visits with his father, who is adorable as always. Ramesh shows him his collection of things pulled out of people’s stomachs (but not their butts, if it came from the butt, they get to keep it). I don’t know if this was inspirational to Dev, but Dad does mention that all jobs suck and that he should go with the security of the contract.

Ultimately, Dev turns Chef Jeff’s offer down, but pitches a food & travel show starring them both and titled BestFoodFriends. Jeff is on board as soon as Dev finishes his pitch and Dev is actually inspired by this project and thrilled to start working on it.

At the end of the episode, in a beautifully shot scene, Dev tells Francesca about his exciting news, and she shares that she ‘s engaged to that Italian tool from episode 1. He exchanges all the typical pleasantries with her, but when the camera zooms in on his face, the regret is palpable.

Screenshot 2017-06-26 20.27.59

This is Lisa, she does makeup and she’s beautiful. Chef Jeff basically verbally sexually assaults her from afar and basically gives it away that he’s sort of an ass – but we don’t think much of it at this point, hindsight is 20/20 as they say. #JusticeForLisa (Courtesy of Netflix)

In other news, Brian & his dad Peter have a great relationship now, and they hang out on the reg; big departure from season 1 & the “YOU DON’T GET ME” stuff. Peter actually comes to  Brian for advice, he’s dating 2 women and he’s not sure how to decide between them. Brian tells his dad to stay with the one that he thinks about the most and that he most wants to be with.

Peter tries to take this advice but when he tries to break up with one, she makes him a delicious soup and changes his mind. Then he goes on to the next woman but as he’s dumping her, her dog shows up and steals his heart.

He then tries to go another way and is honest with both women about the existence of the other and his intentions with both of them. Predictably, they both break up with him. After which he realizes that what he wanted all along was the companionship, so he gets himself a dog that is adorable and I need to know more about.

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Father Son Bonding all the rage this episode (courtesy of Netflix)

Both men featured in this episode went with the 3rd, not obvious option, because they didn’t want to settle for a bad job or into loneliness.

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