With the second season mere months away, the question looms (for us Archie Comic fans, at least): who will we see this year? Here’s some characters that we hope we will!

(Note: Hiram Lodge and Chic Cooper don’t count for the purposes of this list, as they are already confirmed for season 2. Back off, haters.)



Picture Source: Archie Comics

Let’s just get this one out of the way right off the bat. Sabrina Spellman has been hinted and teased since the show was announced, with the cast and showrunners giving contradicting and inconsistent statements regarding the character’s inclusion. That being said, WE. NEED. SOME. SABRINA. Yes, a bubbly teenage witch with magical powers doesn’t quite fit into the show’s tone or universe, but neither does an asexual food-loving sidekick that wears a crown. The show adapts, and I, for one, would love to see a quirky Wiccan Occult-obsessed goth who talks to her cat and tells her peers that she can do magic. Baxter High, here we come!



Picture Source: Archie Comics

Though we may or may not have seen a silhouette of Midge smooching Moose at the drive-in –and was definitely namedropped, as well –the fact remains that we need a fleshed-out badass pixie-cut sweetheart on our screens. Midge was consistently one of my favourite Archie Comics characters, and can you image the Kevin-Moose-Midge drama that the show could introduce if she gets cast? Kevin might even get a storyline for once, or, at the very least, some dialogue! Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, if you’re listening, Midge. Midge, Midge, Midge.



Picture Source: Archie Comics

Chuck Clayton, in the comics world, is a kind-hearted football player and aspiring cartoonist who is a friend to all. Chuck Clayton, as the show tells it? Not so much. Since basically forever, Nancy Woods is Chuck’s level-headed and grounded girlfriend, heavily involved in school activities and generally liked by everyone. Can you image the drama if that version of Nancy tried to reform the terrible on-screen Chuck? Or if she, as all Riverdale citizens appear to be, is corrupt or compromised in some way as well? CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH THIS WOULD SHAKE THINGS UP? The show is definitely doing a decent job in representation for people of colour, but there’s no such thing as ‘too much’.



Picture Source: Archie Comics

Kim Rhodes, in a meta-Suite Life of Zack & Cody reference? Neve Campbell, in a meta-Scream reference? Take notes, producers. The fans want to know why Jughead’s mom is such a damn B, and you’ve got a prime casting opportunity here to help explore it.



Picture Source: Archie Comics

Okay, so this isn’t necessary other than for the purposes of rounding out the Riverdale High faculty. But with so many iconic characters like Miss Haggly, Miss Phlips, lunchlady Miss Beazley or janitor Svenson, why skimp? Even if not a major character, no Easter egg goes unappreciated, and the blasphemy of showing made-up background teacher ‘Professor Phylum’ instead of this classic gem has not gone unnoticed; that better have been to reserve Flutie for a better introduction in Season 2.



Picture Source: Archie Comics

Alleged leaked audition videos, if real, seem to indicate that this one is a done deal — and how juicy. Toni is a spunky girl from Southside High and one of Jughead’s nemeses (especially when it comes to eating competitions) — but also a potential love interest. With the Betty-Archie-Veronica triangle kicking off this year, does Ms. Topaz have what it takes to disrupt our ships further?



Picture Source: Archie Comics

Look, here’s the facts. Josie and the Pussycats are the hottest deal in Riverdale, and Mayor McCoy is busy running for an election. The band’s going to need a manager, no? In the Josie comics, Alexander Cabot III (who crushes on Josie hard) is that guy, and, along with his sister Alexandra they appear as some of the major characters in the spinoff’s universe. Rich, temperamental, snobby, show-stealing and unreliable… doesn’t that sound like they’d fit right in? Pair it with the casting of Alan M., Josie’s long-term love interest, and you’ve got yourself a rich and interesting side plot worthy of a spinoff.



Picture Source: Archie Comics

Trula Twyst is one of Jughead’s stalkers. Like, it’s bad. I mean, she heads the ‘Jughead Under Surveillance Team’. Maybe he’ll need to be under surveillance now that he’s a part of the Serpents? Trula tries, in vain, to make Jughead care about girls. Maybe since the show version of Juggie already does, Trula will turn him back to his asexual hamburger-loving ways?



Picture Source: Archie Comics

In the show, Veronica implied that this was her catty rich-bitch bully of a best friend back in NYC. What if she came back in town, just as Veronica and Archie were starting to heat up? WHAT IF RONNIE TURNS BACK TO HER OLD SNOOTY WAYS? Katy was a sex symbol in the comics, and I can’t imagine the other characters would be too impressed seeing her strut their halls.



Picture Source: Archie Comics

May I present to you: the true killer of Jason Blossom, and the shooter of Fred Andrews. Mic drop.

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