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We open to the family sitting on and by the couch watching TV. Lois and Peter are reading the newspaper. Joe comes over to ask Peter to be Susie’s godfather.

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At the church, Peter is taking his role as godfather as THE Godfather. Oy vey. The rabbi, apparently the church ran out of priests, is conducting the Christening. It looks as though he is attempting to drown poor Susie. The after-party seems a big affair.

Peter has a temper tantrum and his idea of being the Godfather got confused and granted. I say confused because the waiter took Peter’s exclamation of “I’m the godfather” and backhand bat swing as meaning he is a mafia godfather. I say granted because he is now being treated as a mafia godfather.

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Chris gets sent to Italy and falls in love after learning Italian. Not really learning Italian. After attempting to kill Brian, Peter has Quagmire shoot him only for Brian to get killed again thirty seconds later. Peter starts getting threatened by the mafia.

Does the Griffin family survive the mafia? Does love work out for Chris? Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below. Until next week…

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