Source: Variety

While speaking at Variety’s TV Summit, Mindy Kaling revealed some fun facts about The Mindy Project & her future in show business.

  • She loves that she doesn’t have to be worried about network notes and ratings anymore – Hulu just tells her the show is doing great!
  • It’s nice to have a certainty regarding the number of episodes, so she can break a story in it’s entirety and not have to hope for another shows demise so hers can get a back 9
  • Mindy purposefully keeps her writers room small because she likes “the feeling as a writer that the show is going to be good or bad based on your contribution to it. I like that feeling of being on the hook.”
  • Season 5 is likely going to be 16 episodes, broken up into 2 blocks of 8
  • Kaling gave a shoutout to the former president of NBCUniversal, Bela Bajaria, for being a champion for the show and an effective leader. “Bajaria “neither luxuriates in praise or in failure,” Kaling said. “She told me ‘Fox is opting not to pick up the show and we’re going to have it on Hulu.’ That was her plan. I think that’s very leader-y.”
  • She’s using Sex & The City as a guide in handling Messina’s transition from regular to guest star and in integrating him into the fabric of the show. She says that Mr. Big wasn’t seen very much in the later seasons but he was always there.
  • She has an ending in mind for the show but she’s not sure when that will be, she sees it running for a while & has not run out of ideas yet
  • Not having Danny in every episode “allows [Mindy Lahiri] to have adventures without having the specter of her ex-husband there.”
  • Mindy wants to write fiction and produce more and write and direct a movie, lots of interesting things are inspiring her that she’d love to do once the show is done.

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