I originally thought this episode was going to be the season finale, well I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. We have one more episode, or do we, this episode ended saying next weeks season finale but never said series finale. As we would expect things were CRAZY!

Michael and his group are in the ocean, they were able to make it to an escape raft before the missile blew up the boat. The group was floating for an unknown amount of time but are luckily picked up by a passing boat. With finally making it back to a mainland they start to formulate what new plan they can do to make it back to the United States. Lincoln came up with an idea that could get them back, but it is risky. He used to work with John Abruzzi’s son but he owes him $100,000, he wants to call to say he has the money but wants to have everyone put on a boat undetected. After some phone calls he tells Lincoln he can make that happen as long as they get to the designated spot by midnight.

Back in the states, Poseidon knows what is going on, he stole Sara’s phone and locked her in a room. Michael was texting Sara, but Poseidon was trying to pretend to be Sara and slipped up and Michael sensed that something was off because of what name his son was referred as. Michael plays along to not tip his hand. Michael sends a letter to both Teddy and Franklin, when getting back Michael sends his whip hand to Chicago to find out why his is a whip hand. Michael, Lincoln and Sucre head to New York, Poseidon thinks that he has them dead to rights in New York from the previous text messages. Michael had a leg up on them as Sucre activated the traced cell phone and left it on the blame which exposed the killers.

Michael and Lincoln are meeting with Abruzzi, Lincoln tells him that he doesn’t actually have the cash, but he is there because a DEA agent has them in the back pocket and unless he clears Lincoln’s debt the DEA’s will come in and arrest all of them and take down the operation. Abruzzi has doubts so Michael motions towards Franklin, who is acting as the DEA who makes a call and three vans come up quick, one is Sheba. Abruzzi and his team escape. With that situation, believed to be taken care of, the group all meet up and discuss what’s next. Franklin wants to help take down Poseidon, but Michael says that Poseidon knows Franklins face and doesn’t want to risk him or his family, Sheba says he doesn’t know her face and volunteers to help. Abruzzi and his goons circle back to the building, they see that all the product is still there and the feeling is that something is wrong. They look at the video to get some information on who was here, they find license plates and vehicle models to track down to put a bullet in Lincoln’s head.

Things are happening fast and furious now, one of Poseidon’s killers wants out after this job is over, he doesn’t want to do this anymore, the female one feels like she does. Michael’s whip hand makes it to Chicago and finds out that the coordinates he is supposed to get to is in the middle of Lake Michigan! Michael and Lincoln make it to Sara’s house and break in to find Sara and son, they are not there and Michael knows they have to be held up somewhere else. Michael trying to flush them out texts Sara and asks about the dinner he owes her, she answers with the correct meal so Michael knows that she must be alive and near Poseidon. They set up a meeting at noon, Poseidon had one of the killers at the meetup. Michael had a car pickup service to pick up Sara and Mike, the goon tells the vehicle that they got another ride and tells him to leave. Poseidon has him say loud enough, “they didn’t show” to get Lincoln follow him. The female killer follows Lincoln until he slips into an underground parking garage where he lost her and she lost service, since she lost Lincoln she went to Poseidon’s car which made him mad thinking he has been made, which he was as Michael was on a building top watching. Michael calls Lincoln with the car and direction Poseidon is going to follow. The vehicle is actually driven by Sheba who met at a red light, he tried to shoot her but escaped. When they caught up to the vehicle the trunk had blood in it.

They all look for clues and leads in the car, in the back seat is a drawing, which Michael believes is from his son, it is a pirate ship and people. He thinks a secret message is on it somewhere. It has some things under the ship, Michael looks at a map and sees that it matches up to some bodies of water nearby he thinks the x shows where they are being held. One of Abruzzi’s men find Lincoln and now they have to worry about that threat again, Lincoln kisses Sheba goodbye and says he couldn’t take it if something happened to her and she can’t go with them. Michael and Lincoln head towards the x on the map.

Back in Chicago, the whipping boy gets to the lake in question and rents a boat to head until the middle of the lake where the coordinates take him. Teddy is thinking about what is presented to him and if he has to kill again. In the middle of the water is a buoy and inside is a jar filled with blood, or what we can only see is blood. Teddy shows up on the dock waiting for whipping boy to return. After talking a lot, Teddy reveals that he knows who the whipping boy is, and why Michael chose him, it is because he is Dave Martin, also known as Teddy’s son!

Michael and Lincoln find the house from the map, Poseidon left the house, which in hindsight seemed a little to predictable, Michael goes inside to see his son and Sara, Lincoln is in the get away car outside and gets shot in a drive by! Mike tells Michael he didn’t draw a map, and now we know it was a trap, the female in the other room that is held hostage wasn’t Sara, it was Poseidon’s female killer in a wig, she gets up and we know a shot went off and see bloody on the glass above the front door as the episode ends……