We finally arrive at the finish line of the third season of the Flash.  We finally wrap up with what started in Flashpoint with a showdown between Barry and Savitar.  While there was a lot of good here I ended up walking away with mixed feelings. While I was surprised by the whole subplot of team Flash trying to save Savitar I couldn’t help but feel it was just filler. It really didn’t add much to the story and Savitar still carried on with his evil plan. While there was a very cool fight between him and Black Flash it was far too brief. His fight with the speedsters itself was way to CGI heavy and didn’t feel personal. It should have been a one on one fight. It did lean to that towards the end but just didn’t feel personal. The H.R twist was a bit out of left field. It seemed something put together by the writing team at the last second. Only positive that came from this was it lead to the return of Herny Wells and I will personally miss H.R. Something I notice in a second viewing was how it ending it mirrored season one final which I enjoyed and we finally got to see Barry pay in full of his actions of Flashpoint. I enjoyed a handful of things they threw at us in the final but overall couldn’t help but to feel a bit underwhelmed by it all.