Carol Has a Bully

Greg is feeling extra stressed when he finds out his grandmother is visiting the station. Katie doesn’t understand why he’s making such a big deal about the visit until she learns that his grandmother owns the network. Katie also learns that Carol has been ditching class because she thinks it’s too hard.

Katie is busy investigating the celebrity hacking scandal and hopes that the story can be her big break. One night Carol needs help cramming for a test and Katie stops her research in order to help her mom. The next day another news source reports on the hacking scandal and announces the suspect. Katie is convinced that they have the wrong person and wants more time to find who is behind it. Greg feels pressure from his grandmother to be more authoritative at the station and makes the move to fire Katie.

Carol’s Eleven

The season finale begins with Greg continuing his tough guy act toward the staff. His grandmother has clearly influenced him and he is determined make her proud even though he is clearly miserable.

Katie is still out work and doesn’t seem motivated to find another job. Carol attempts to coax Katie into applying for different jobs but is quickly guilt tripped into letting Katie move back home. Although Carol always thought she wanted to always take care of Katie and have her move back home, not that it’s happening, Carol has second thoughts.

Katie is enjoying unemployment by binge watching Pond Scum, the British version of Shark Tank, starring Greg’s grandmother. While watching, Katie realizes that Greg’s grandmother is behind the app that has been hacking into celebrities’ phones.

Greg’s stress lands him in the hospital and Katie visits him. She tells him that his grandmother is own the company that own Biscuit Blitz and he agrees to help her with her story.

They confront his grandmother, she lets him know that if they expose her she will cancel their show. Katie and Greg move forward with their plan anyways. They meet with the news team and plan a show behind her back. They planned a secret broadcast and decoy broadcast for his grandmother, involving an elaborate scheme that included her confessing on live television, and it worked.

Katie and Greg say goodbye, as they think they could possibly lose their jobs. They share a moment and are about to kiss when the rest of the crew runs in Greg’s office. They announce that Greg’s grandmother has been suspended and their jobs might be safe.

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