On Saturday May 13th I attended the Funactics Day Out 7 event in Sacramento hosted by Funko. The TGON roster has a few people who are avid collectors in Funko, I am not outing myself as one of those if you haven’t known previously. I did not initially want to go to this event or planned on it, but I grew to learn, it wasn’t about the “things” that you could get or do but with “whom”.  In the area of collecting, as far as I know, I’m in an area with very little collectors, not enough where I have found a local group, so I linked up with Sacramento over a year ago, and they really pushed for me to attend. A few of them went out of the way to find an extra ticket for me to attend, at a cost of $50, the event was capped around 50 participants, though I am not sure, and you had to sign up on the Funko Funatic board, I don’t post nearly enough and wasn’t even close to signing up in the top 50, so being able to attend was a nice surprise.

So what happened at this event? Well let’s go through the timeline, I got into town early, a number of collectors were going to a 2 pm showing of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I haven’t seen this particular movie and I should have gone to that, more reasons why later. At 4 pm a group was setting up a trade, food, and meet up at a local park, Mother’s day traffic, and people at the movies made this turnout smaller than anticipated but it was a good chance to meet new people. At 5 pm we gathered for a scavenger hunt, which was extremely fun, it rewarded you for having multiple items in a picture, along with multiple people which made you talk to or meet new people and work together. That was fun, I ended up getting lucky and won the hunt, you had to email the pictures in and I thought outside the box and put them in photo grids. Some of the wacky pictures are below.


Extra points for a selfie with other people, along with a point for every animal you can get into a picture. Score! Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds


Hard to tell, the top right was blurry but they all had a dog’s face on them. Master at selfie’s I know. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds


Found a directory that had the names of all the items on the list. Talk about banking up the points. Also as you can see throughout, FUN! Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds

At 6 pm the event started, we came in our designated outside area, at Dave & Busters, I know I didn’t mention that. Some people who prepaid for a shirt got the shirt exclusive to the event. People were getting some drinks and just talking, everyone was given a little bag, inside you had pins exclusive to the event, a mystery mini, along with a playing card from a Funko DC deck, also inside was a game card for unlimited free games at Dave & Busters! Talk about a major score in itself! After that it was time for some food, and we had some good eats, nachos, salad, hamburgers, little pizzas, along with things that people brought like lumpia, all sorts of goodies.

After we had some food, people with gold wristbands got asked to line up, they all got a Funatics Day Out exclusive of Pink T-Bone, all the plus ones who had red wristbands did not get one, which is perfectly OK, I am all about a good hunt, and the hunt for this is still on for me! When this concluded they asked everyone get the playing card out of your bag, and they started randomly calling out cards, if you had a Wonder Woman for example you went to line up to spin the prize wheel! You had chance for protos, Freddy Funko’s, commons, or a pat on the back! It was all the luck or unlike of the wheel. Some people got called multiple times and got two protos, some didn’t. After that was over, and everyone had a chance to spin the wheel, whatever leftover donated items was given out to those that lined up, even one of the waitresses liked the look of them and she came away with some free items, another collector was born!

Each event had one very special limited edition Pink T-Bone chase, how was it given out at our event? Something very fair, we had a couple hall of fame members at the event they were immediately entered into the competition, they also pulled two numbers from the tickets of who went to the movies earlier in the day………….I knew I should have went to the movies! So when the names were picked, the host picked a game at Dave & Busters, which turned out to be the basketball hoop event. The winner of the game won the chase pop, talk about a great way to go about it!

With that over, I had to play games of course, lots of games, which game did I go and play? The Walking Dead game of course! I played it to completion along with another member and it was all I could hope for and more. Very fun, long event, time was running late and I had people who offered me their homes to come and spend the night so I didn’t have to drive all the way home, talk about hospitality, and as I reminder I have only seen some of these people one or two other times in my life! I’m part crazy and I didn’t want to intrude so I made my way home, got home around 1:30-2 am in the morning, and guess what, people reached out to me in the morning to make sure I got home alright and that everything was OK(since I declined staying at someone’s house). I can tell you that a lot of my long time friends or groups don’t do things like this so it was a welcome surprise and really made me realize that an event like this isn’t for whatever items you might have come home with, but contacts and friends you are walking away with for a lifetime. I have always been a self proclaimed, “lone wolf” in regards to this hobby, but now I do look forward to the next time I can hang out with my friends, and it doesn’t even have to do with Funko. Personally, I hope the next time I see all of them is at San Diego Comic Con, because that would mean I have gotten in.