Many critics theorized that Archie Comics wouldn’t show their face at SDCC this year aside from The CW’s Riverdale, given their messy Twitter break-up with SEGA and the subsequent cancellation of their long-running Sonic the Hedgehog comic series just earlier this week. Unfortunately, those critics were largely right, as no Archie Comics booth was booked, but at least we got one panel dedicated to the subject: Archie Comics Forever: Riverdale and Beyond!

While no groundbreaking news was dropped, we did get a couple highlights from the panel, which featured many big names in the company which included, among others, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Jon & Jesse Goldwater, Dan Parent, Mike Pellerito, Mark Waid and Alex Segura!

First off, the gang was glad to let us know that they don’t feel the show Riverdale has overpowered the comics, which likely means there hasn’t been a slump in sales in the older comic styles! Personally, I believe the two mediums likely help promote and complement each other wonderfully, and help with converting new fans to one another!

We also learned that a new crossover event is coming this way, with the Betty and Veronica series meeting up with DC Comics‘ Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy! Check out the cover by Amanda Conner!


Picture Source: Twitter (@qube808)

Meanwhile, we got our first look at the different alternate covers for the new Archie Horror-imprinted supernatural werewolf series Jughead: The Hunger, coming this October!


Picture Source: Twitter (@SDCCGuide)

And that’s not all! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has some creepy new covers too!


Picture Source: Twitter (qube808)

Finally, and I mean finally, we got word that they are currently writing Afterlife with Archie Issue 11. Considering the extremely sporadic and random release dates of this iconic series’ issues, it’s a relief to finally have some news after nearly a year with nothing to read!


Picture Source: Twitter (@qube808)

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