To say this season of Prison Break has been as great as my remembrance of the series from 7 years ago would be a lie. You realize that you remember the great twists and turns, and escapes, but you fail to remember the slow spots that had to happen to build to that spot. Not that the season isn’t good, I think it is, just not as great, or perhaps I’m not as emotionally invested in the location and all the players as we grow close to the season, and perhaps series finale on May 30th. We begin with Mike doing some great drawings, and with his dad that doesn’t shock us, he drew some Greek heroes, Sara mentions that they look hurt, which he replies that’s why they are the best, they can get hurt, they can die.

Michael is dying and his mates are trying to formulate a plan to save him, his former cell mates want to put him on a boat and send him to a first world doctor, but Lincoln says they can’t do that because the world thinks he is Kaniel Outis and will arrest him on site. Lincoln calls Sara to tell her that they found him, and to see what they should do since she is versed in the medical field. Michael was poisoned by anti freeze, and Lincoln wants to go to Crete and get medical help off the books. Sara advises against that, Michael is B negative which is only in 1% of the population and needs a transfusion. Michael will die unless, someone goes to him. Sara makes the choice to go and meet them in Crete, the group gets on a boat to Crete, but Jath decides to stay behind, he enjoys it and the open freedom where he is at. Sara meets them and is a 0 negative bloody type, which is a universal donor. She gives the blood transfusion to Michael, after he finds himself in better health they talk, Sara shows Michael pictures of his son, Michael notices the picture of her husband, and Michael drops the bomb that her husband is the Poseidon!

Poseidon told Michael he had to help or his family and friends would be harmed, he set him up on the murder and doctored the video to make it look like Michael killed the head of the CIA. Poseidon went further to get close to Sara and marry her so he could be closer to her and Mike at all times. Back in the states Mike looks to be kidnapped. Poseidon’s henchman are being questioned about the visit where they were looking at satellite images and trying to put the hit on Michael and group. The person is killed as Poseidon comes along to talk to his henchman about options. With the transfusion for Michael complete, Sara heads back home, very wary of her husband and wants to protect their son, Lincoln calls Sucre to have him get them on a boat to be smuggled into the states.

Sara wants to wait for the perfect moment to take Mike and leave. Sara’s husband notices that Sara’s ring from her grandmother is gone and was wondering what happened(truth is she gave it to Michael to pay for the smuggling charges onto the boat) but says she thinks she just set it down somewhere and lost it. The Pentagon sent out alerts to all the boats in the area about Kaniel Outis. Kaniel was noticed by the captain on the cargo boat who called it in, so a SEAL team was sent to seek and destroy Kaniel. The crew locked “Kaniel” inside the room while the SEAL team was invading the ship. Michael knows they can’t climb out the window and have to think of a plan really quickly, they open the window and throw a chain of tied shirts out, the trio are hiding while Sucre is tied up in the room to a chair. Sucre is interrogated and says that the guy was Michael and he knew him years ago. Sucre keeps talking about how they were talking about going to a certain container, a container that the captain knows has some illegal business going on.

The soldiers are going to look for the escapees and are ready to use some tear gas, the captain doesn’t want that to happen because if it hits the ventilation it ruins his cargo. Sucre keeps talking enough that the soldiers go to investigate while Sucre gets out of his hand restraints and knocks the Captain out. Sucre directs the boat towards Algerian waters and breaks the steering so it can’t be diverted back again. The Seals are forced to escape or create an international incident. The Seals start to leave but Poseidon isn’t finished with them and he sets up a missile strike on the boat, which Michael feels something is up and they are able to escape just in time into the water.

Back at the states, Sara talks to her friend to go and get Mike that was at a sleep over, she wanted her to go and bring Mike back to her house until she is able to go and get them but not say anything. Poseidon is a step ahead as his killers are waiting for them at Heather’s house. Sara has a gun hidden in the house and got it if she needed to. She went to go and confront him, saying she knows what is going on and wants answers. He gets the upper hand by saying that her plan with Heather didn’t work, and he has Mike, she needs to lower the gun, he continues that this isn’t over by a long shot and Michael is dead(as he didn’t know they escaped the boat before the missile hit).