Last week’s episode left the team in dire straights as DeVoe finally launched his satellites across the globe and activated his Enlightenment plan; which leads us into the season finale of season four, “We Are The Flash” and picks up just mere moments after the skies turn purple.

It is here, that we find out that the Enlightenment is also stopping any and all technology, reverting things back to a sorta medieval time for Central City and perhaps the rest of Earth-1. DeVoe finally believes he won, as Team Flash is scrambling to get back up generators running at Star Labs and come up with a counter measure against the villain. They eventually get Star Labs in working order and come face to face with Marlize again, who want’s to help them and believes she can finally stop her tyrannical husband before the Enlightenment reaches one hundred percent with an experiential attack on DeVoe’s subconscious mind.

This then leads Barry to sit on DeVoe’s floating chair that Marlize stole episodes ago and link up with Cecile’s meta-human powers — who’s in labor, might I add — to tap into DeVoe’s mind. Here Barry tries to avoid the bad “Thinker” side of DeVoe and instead find the good Clifford DeVoe who Marlize theorizes is somewhere still inside. However, things don’t go accordingly to plan in a good way, Barry actually finds out that Ralph is still subconsciously alive in DeVoe’s mind. This is due to DeVoe actually stealing Ralph’s body and thinking he erased Ralph completely. But Ralph is still hanging in there and together they try to find a way to the good Clifford.

The Flash — We Are The Flash

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Elsewhere, Harry’s mind has fully degrade to the point where he can’t even communicate with anyone outside of grunts and basic nosies. He then sacrifices his mind fully to the dark matter to not prolong his agony much to Cisco insistence to hang on. On top of this Cecile is in labor with contractions, which causes her mental link to Barry — who’s still inside DeVoe’s mind — to stop working here and there losing his connection to Star Labs.

On top of this, due to Barry mind-jacking into DeVoe, the villain is now desperately trying to target the rest of Team Flash and Marlize in the real world to kill them before they go any further into his twisted mind.

The biggest twist of the episode so far though is not the fact that Ralph is alive, or Barry is fighting DeVoe in the villains mind but that the entire DeVoe story is actually wrapped up thirty minutes into the episode. It feels like a giant let down if placed next to how the previous seasons all ended the threat of their own big bads up the the very last few minutes of the finale episodes. After dealing with DeVoe, the villain has one last trick up his sleeve and that’s his main satellite has a deadman switch on it which then causes the entire thing to aim directly for Central City in a doomsday extinction scenario for everyone on Earth-1.

Here we enter the second phase of the episode as Team Flash must figure out a way to stop the crashing satellite. Barry pushes his speed to the limit, to the point where the satellite could kill him if he hits it wrong, but strangely enough he’s not alone as a new speedster arrives to help him. This is none other then the mysterious girl who’s been popping up here and there throughout the season, Nora Allen! Yes, Barry and Iris’ own daughter from the future!

This then sets up the next season of the show, featuring the exploits of Nora trying to help her parents out and maybe dealing with meta’s of the future. Who the villain could be, is still a mystery but with Nora’s debut, I wouldn’t put it past them to reveal Don as well — who could or might not be another heroic speedster or a villain that is after his sister. Maybe we’ll get Godspeed debuting or maybe it’ll be Monarch. Whatever it is, the future is bright for season five of the Flash.

Catch you in October speedsters!