Photo Source: SpoilerTV

After a really (very, extremely) long season of Scorpion, we finally reached the exciting finale. And exciting it was, though also really bizarre.

So the episode picks up 3 weeks after 3×24 ended, with the team still stranded on the island. They’ve split up responsibilities amongst themselves, with Paige becoming the caretaker/chef, Toby the doctor, Walter & Happy working to build rafts and/or get a signal out. Cabe took his crack at the signal thing with a message in a bottle, but unfortunately to no avail. The team has also all taken to teaching Ralph about their respective subjects, so while they’re trapped on this island, at least he’s getting an education. And honestly probably a better one than if he was a real school.

Anyway, they’re all pitching in except for Sylvester, who hid himself away in a bunker with a journal. He seemed to lose his grip on reality pretty quickly. Meanwhile all Toby and Happy want is some privacy (I mean, it was supposed to be their honeymoon), but they can’t get a minute alone. The team is also losing their patience with Walter, who promised he would be able to get them off the island with one of his inventions. They are all tired of eating the same fish and waiting around for nothing to happen, and the tension starts to drive them crazy. Eventually, the fighting gets to them, and they split up into 2 teams, each more determined to find a way off the island than the other.

So it’s Toby, Paige, Cabe, and Ralph vs. Walter and Happy. Soon, both Toby and Walter come up with plans to escape, and they go head to head for a radio that Sly is holding captive. Sly says that he will be the judge of who gets the radio, and Walter and Toby explain their plans, each being forcefully attacked by the other. During the quarrel, it is revealed that Happy helped Toby’s team and Paige helped Walter’s team. In the end Sly says neither gets the radio. They all then turn their anger on Sly.

As a huge fight lashes out, Ralph sneaks off to build his own raft out of buckets of oil he found, but he manages to cause a big explosion that buries him and the pilot in a whole bunch of sand. The team gets to them just in time and they push aside their differences to save them.

They save Ralph and the pilot and then WOW — a plane! They quick work together to make a huge SOS in the sand with fire and Happy crushes some pennies to make metallic flakes so they can flag down the plane. The plane flies over them, not seeming to notice them, and for a moment that all are silent in defeat. BUT THEN, the plane turns around! They jump up and down and cheer, finally having been saved!

Back in the garage, when all is well, Toby and Happy run off to have their moment of peace. Paige also has a sultry surprise for Walter, and the episode (season) ends with the two of them sneaking off to the bedroom.

So what will season 4 have in store for us? My best guess is relationship drama. Toby and Happy are now married, Walter and Paige have now consummated their relationship and made it official. I think things are about to get a whole lot more emotional for Team Scorpion. Thanks for watching with me! And check back here all summer for my S4 predictions, Comic Con recaps, and more!