Talon VS Barnes

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The Court Of Owls has been teasing Gothamites for weeks about the purge of Gotham, and this week, their plans finally get revealed. The episode opens with Jarvis Tetch himself, watching from his cell as Former Captain Barnes gets transferred from Arkham Asylum. Things go awry rather quickly, as Barnes manages to break free from his chains and attack the guards keeping him captive. What he doesn’t expect is the arrival of Talon, the metaphorical claw of The Court of Owls. Talon manages to sedate the former captain, though it nearly kills him to do so. Unable to break from his new bindings, he’s approached by Catherine. She explains that they both want the same thing, and tells him that his blood – more specifically, the Tetch virus WITHIN his blood – is the key to purging Gotham of it’s crimes. To extract his blood though, they need a particular process, one perfected by none other than Hugo Strange; The Court recruited him (blackmailed) into doing this task, and so he bends to their call.

Hugo Strange Returns

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Lee approaches Bullock in an effort to get him to dig into Frank Gordon’s murder, certain that Jim has something to do with it. Bullock puts her accusations on the fact that she’s still hurting over what happened with Mario, and she responds with a guilty “I thought we were friends,” before storming off.  Meanwhile, Jim is experiencing his first Court meeting, where Catherine tells them that the preparations for Gotham’s cleansing are underway, and if they haven’t turned in their list of names to be reviewed, they should do so immediately. The Court departs, though Jim lingers and watches as Catherine sets her owl-mask on a nearby pedestal.

Meeting of the court

An Official Court Meeting – The Fox Network on Hulu

At the Sirens club, Ivy approaches Tabitha in the hopes of finding Selina Kyle. It’s obvious she doesn’t know what happened to BabyCat, and when Tabs sees the worry on Ivy’s face, she tells her to try checking Gotham General; according to the rumors, Selina “fell” out of a window. Ivy mutters to herself about that being impossible, but decides to take a chance at checking the hospital anyway. Jim sneaks back into the meeting room and manages to pull a fingerprint from Catherine’s mask, though he’s nearly caught by another member of the Court. He uses the excuse of making a list, though he mentions he’s not sure what it’s for. The member tells him that it’s a list of names to protect when Gotham gets cleansed, and so Jim writes in his names.

Writing the names

Saving Lives One Quill At A Time – The Fox Network on Hulu

Ivy visits Selina at the hospital, where she persuades a doctor to tell her the truth about Ms. Kyle’s condition. The doctor tells her that there’s no surviving, and that the most they can do is make Selina comfortable. Ivy refuses to believe that, and tells the doctor to leave and never return to that room. She sits by Selina’s bedside and vows that through the medicines she’d learned from her plants, she WOULD bring her back. At the labs, Hugo Strange has managed to make the Tetch virus into an airborne weapon, something he proves to Catherine through a test subject. He fills the air of the subject’s cell with the virus, and the subject goes absolutely nuts.

The Virus is Weaponized

Weaponizing The Virus – The Fox Network on Hulu

Bruce is coming along in his hand to hand combat, though the man drills it into him that he’ll never win if he continues to hold onto his anger and pain. The man informs Bruce that if he’s able to defeat his opponent, he’s allowed to go home, and that spurs the young Wayne boy to keep pushing, though he continually fails. The man promises Bruce that he can release him from the night of his parents’ death, and the night of his continual anger. If Bruce wants, of course. Back at his apartment, Jim gets a call from Harvey; they got a hit on the fingerprint they’d pulled from Catherine. Harvey gives him an address, and even though it’s dangerous, Jim tells the Captain that he’s got to break in and see if she has anything regarding the weapon. As he makes to leave, Oswald and Firefly cut him off and demand that Jim set up a meeting so that Oswald can get his hands on Edward. The former mayor deduced what had happened, and claims that he has more right to The Riddler than anyone else.

Penguin and Jim

Two Villains And A Detective – The Fox Network on Hulu

Jim successfully breaks into Catherine’s home, and the only clue he finds is a badge linked to Wayne Enterprises. As he makes to leave, he’s cornered by Catherine’s arrival, as well as her Butler’s return to the room. Jim fakes like he’d meant to be there the whole time, not snooping, but instead demanding that he be let in on the plan; He tells Catherine that he’d already proved himself to The Court and was tired of sitting in the dark, though Catherine, at this moment, is reluctant to give him more information. She tells him she’ll think on it before demanding he leave. At GCPD, Jim and Harvey bring Lucius Fox in on their plans. They show him the badge, and he reveals that when he’d worked at Wayne Enterprises, there were only a half dozen off site laboratories, and that Barnes’ “escape” was more planned than they’d realized. He believes he knows what site they took him to, and provides that information to his counterparts.

Jim Vs Catherine

Jim Gets Caught – The Fox Network on Hulu

Ivy returns to the hospital with a haul of plants, as well as a couple of nurses who seem to be bent to her will. She has them set the plants down and leave, before telling her unconscious friend that with these plants, she’ll restore her to full health. She stares at Selina and vows to help, apparently confident in her knowledge of plant life. Bruce and The man are discussing the night that Bruce seems to be latching on to; At first, he believes it’s the night his parents were killed, but it isn’t. The night of their wake, all anyone could talk about was Bruce. How this poor, defenseless, eight year old boy was forced to watch as his parents were murdered. No one seemed to care that his parents were murdered. It was their lack of compassion for finding the man who’d killed them that angered him so much. Within the memory of that night, Bruce admits to the man that on the day of the funeral, his father was supposed to be buried with a set of cufflinks that Bruce had bought, but when the time came…he wasn’t able to let go of them. The cufflinks are symbolic of Brruce not letting go of his anger, and so The man has him lock them away in a safe within his own mind.

Locking them away

Bruce Locks Away His Anger – The Fox Network on Hulu

Jim and Harvey approach the Wayne Enterprises off-site lab, and what they find there is a massacre. It seems the man that Hugo had injected broke free and slaughtered everyone there. Everyone except Hugo. When they’re attacked by the man, Hugo comes out of the shadows and saves their lives. He provides them with copies of his research, as well as a vial of the weaponized Tetch Virus – in return, he seeks to strike a deal for his freedom. Back at…where-ever he seems to be, Bruce finally defeats his opponent. The man offers him a choice: Choose to return to Gotham, free of his pain, or choose to stay and learn more about what he COULD become. Bruce chooses to stay, and demands his opponent get up so that they can continue.

Bruce Makes A Choice

Bruce Makes A Choice – The Fox Network on Hulu

Catherine gives Jim a call, and tells him to meet her at a certain address. When he arrives, she’s standing on an enclosed balcony, watching as an elite socialite group known as “The Daughters Of Gotham” mingle at a party on the first floor. She directs his attention to a canister and explains that it’s a bomb containing the Tetch Virus. In order to prove if he’s truly dedicated to the cause, she’s going to release the bomb in the room below as a trial run and have him watch. Forced with the decision to sit idly by or act, Jim decides to act. He gives up his cellphone and gun, though slyly maintains ownership of the burner phone Penguin had given him. While trying to maintain an air of nonchalance, he gives Penguin a call. With Talon nearby on guard duty, he tries to convey hints to his location to Penguin without giving away his plan to Talon. The minutes tick by, and it seems that Oswald will be late. Jim gives up on waiting and attacks Talon, refusing to watch innocents die; Talon gets the upper hand, but Oswald and Firefly arrive just in time to torch him. He falls from one of the balcony windows, which causes the party to disperse. Jim, unable to stop the bomb, tells Penguin and Firefly to run before enclosing it within the building.

Toasted Owl

Crispy Owl – The Fox Network on Hulu

As the episode is coming to an end, Lee tells Jim that she’ll be leaving the GCPD. She blames him for the loss of her friends, the loss of her husband, and the loss of anything good in her life. He tells her that he has apologized for the death of Mario one too many times, and that if it came down to it, he would do it again if it meant Lee lived. She storms away, leaving him to stew in their argument. Penguin is – finally – contacted by The Court. They knock Firefly unconscious as he raves on, and Talon 2.0 (3.0? I’ve lost count.) kidnaps him. He’s released into a cage where, to his surprise, Edward is his cell mate. Catherine meets with Barnes, whom she recruits to take out Jim Gordon. The former GCPD Captain eagerly agrees, claiming that he will convict and execute him. At the hospital, Selina wakes up from her coma, and against Ivy’s protests, tries to stand. When asked why she’s in such a hurry, she tells her longtime friend that she’s going to Wayne Manor to kill someone.

Killing a Killer

Off To Kill Her Murderer – The Fox Network on Hulu