Lena Luthor and Queen Reya

Lena Luthor and Queen Reya – The CW Network

With National City under siege, and Daxamite ships covering the skies, Lena Luthor wakes up and finds herself in the lap of luxury. The Queen of Daxam herself continues to fawn over the young Luthor woman, going so far as to call her the “best of humanity.” Reya tells Lena that together they’ll turn Earth into something wonderful, unlocking it’s wasted potential to bring out a more substantial race. As the scene pans out however, we see Daxamite ships firing upon National City, and Daxamite Guards transmatting down and shooting anyone and everyone who dare cross them. The soldiers attack NCPD, where Maggie is holding things down. She sends a call to Alex, but it seems the transmat systems are causing Earth’s satellites to crash. As Alex and Winn try to come up with a gameplan, multiple soldiers appear within the DEO’s walls.

I don't even have WORDS

There’s A Reason We Call Her Alex “Badass” Danvers – The CW Network

Alex calls Kara to let her know they’re being attacked, before evacuating the building. Winn rushes to escape through the front doors, but Alex has different plans. In one of the most badass scenes I’ve ever witnessed, Alex “Dibs On That RayGun” Danvers slides under the swing of a Daxamite staff, shoots a couple of soldiers, runs up the stairs and dives off of the DEO balcony. She turns around in time to shoot another soldier before being caught by Supergirl herself. The gang reunites at the alien dive bar. James arrives in his Guardian uniform, and moments later Maggie shows up and cracks a joke about she and Alex heading to a bar when things look bad. As the group bemoans their situation – J’onn is in a coma from his interaction with Reya, the soldiers are scouring the streets and taking down resisters, and the DEO is on literal lockdown – Lillian Luthor herself shows up, offering her help.

The arrival

How The Gang Treats Lillian Luthor’s Arrival – The CW Network

Lillian tells them they can shoot her (Alex looks ready to comply to that idea) or they can help her. James, Maggie, and Winn downright refuse, and Alex tells her that she spoke her piece, now she can leave. Supergirl accepts a cellphone from Lillian, though it’s obvious she refuses to use it. On the Daxamite Queen’s ship, she gets a transmission from THE DAMN PRESIDENT HERSELF. (Guest Star Lynda Carter) President Olivia Marsden demands that the Queen drop her attack on Earth, and the two share “My horse is bigger than your horse arguments” before someone else steps in and shuts them up. Did anyone else scream when the QUEEN OF ALL MEDIA WALKED INTO THE ROOM?! (Guest Star Calista Flockhart.)


I don’t have a solid caption for this, all I can say is IT’S CAT GRANT YAAAAS – The CW Network

That’s right, y’all. Cat Grant is back, and she’s taking NO prisoners. In a flimsy attempt to calm them down and hammer the details of peace out like true leaders do, Cat Grant makes a stab at Reya’s choice of tiara. The President and Miss Grant both sit airborne, Air Force One heading to National City to take care of things herself. Insulted by their mockery of her attack on Earth, Reya ends the transmission and fires on the President’s aircraft.At the dive bar, Winn had transmitted the entire conversation onto his monitors, where they all see Cat Grant’s re-appearance. Supergirl flies in to save the day, but only manages to catch Cat, who had been sucked out of the damaged plane and was falling to her doom. Landing safely in the arms of Supergirl, both she and Cat look distraught at the thought of the president being lost. Lo and Behold, the president crawls out from the ruins of the plane, though she doesn’t have the face of the president. If you’ll all remember, Supergirl’s hero, the president herself, is an alien as well. She promises them an explanation, and Cat Grant simply begs that she continue to be a democrat.

Please still be a democrat

Supergirl and Cat Find Out The Truth – The CW Network

At the dive bar, The President, Supergirl, and Cat Grant all trot into the room, where President Marsden requests to use the ladies room. Winn points the way, and Cat Grant reveals that she had gotten a ride on the plane simply because of the fact that Olivia Marsden was her R.A., back in college. She mutters about having a vague flashback of finding E.T. in a bathrobe, but had chalked it up to it being the pot brownies she’d eaten that night. (God I love Cat Freaking Grant.) Supergirl has to stifle a laugh over that, and no one else seems to believe her – that is until the president walks out in her actual form.

Yep Alien

The President Is An Alien – The CW Network

Cat Grant questions the crazy black-ops set up that they seem to have going on, and so Alex, Supergirl, and Winn admit that they’re all part of a secret government organization dedicated to protecting Earth from hostile aliens. She scoffs about them having done a “great job,” before getting distracted by a phone call. Alex and Kara sit down with the president, who tells them her story. She was born on a beautiful planet, and when invaders attacked, she and her people simply sat by and hoped for the best. Within a year, her entire race was enslaved; she was one of few who escaped. Because J’onn is out of commission, she makes Alex acting Director of the DEO and tells them that they’re to break back into the DEO headquarters and fire up the positron cannon mounted on it’s rooftop. It’s capable of disintegrating anything it hits, though Supergirl heavily protests it, considering Lena Luthor and Mon-El are still on that ship. Meanwhile, on that very ship, Reya forces Mon-El and Lena to agree to a marriage that will “Unite Earth and Daxam,” by threatening the Luthor-funded children’s hospital, as well as the other hospitals around National City.

Blowing up the ship

Kara And Alex Disagree – The CW Network

After the president is sent back to D.C. in the company of DEO agents, Kara pulls Alex aside. Alex is determined to follow orders, and even admits that she’s thought of what it would feel like if Maggie were the one up there. She refuses to back down from the orders the president gave, and Kara storms off to clear her head. She finds Miss Grant sitting in the alley behind the bar, and after some advice that got me a little misty-eyed, Cat tells Supergirl that wanting to save the people she loves is not selfish. It’s human. She tells Supergirl to go up, up, and away, and when Kara flies off with a plan, Cat sighs and says “That is still so ho-…Cool.” (You seriously can’t tell me she wasn’t about to call Supergirl flying away hot. She totally was, fight me if you don’t believe it.)

Up Up and Away

Up, Up, And Away – The CW Network

Kara drops down in front of Lillian Luthor and Cyborg Hank Henshaw, demanding to know how to get onto the ship. At the dive bar, Alex and Kara argue over working with CADMUS, but Kara says it’s their only chance. When Hank broke into the Fortress of Solitude, he saw that Superman had a Phantom Zone projector. It teleports someone into the Phantom Zone instantaneously.  His cyborg-enhanced systems can access the projector and turn it on without fear of being projected into the Phantom Zone, so the plan is this: Turn the projector on, but instead of transmatting to the PZ, they transmat onto the Daxamite ship. Cat Grant and Winn will distract Reya while they’re disabling the shields and rescuing Mon-El and Lena, and Alex will fire the Positron Cannon from the DEO as soon as she can. The goal is for them to clear the ship before Alex fires, but regardless of what happens, Alex will fire.


Unlikely Allies – The CW Network

Everyone heads to do their parts, and Kara, Lillian, and Hank manage to get themselves on the ship. As they’re working their way through the guards, Cat Grant and Winn station themselves at CatCo. Cat gives a speech that riles the city, interrupts the almost wedding between Mon-El and Lena that would’ve sealed Reya’s plans, and sends chills down my spine. She demands that the people of Earth stand. Stand and fight, and show those damn Daxamites what EARTHLINGS can do. Across the city, riots against the soldiers break out. She sends a message directly to Reya, telling her that she’s Cat Grant. Queen of All Media. And she is NOT leaving. Reya sends a squadron of men to Earth to destroy her, before sending her almost groom and bride to their chambers. Hank manages to find the way to Mon-El and Lena, though the two seemed to be handling themselves fairly well. Meanwhile, Alex and Maggie have infiltrated the DEO and begun firing up the positron cannon, where Maggie makes a comment about the two having met through saving the president. She jokes that they’ve come full circle, before the president interrupts on Alex’s comms to ensure that the acting Director will do her job.

Lena takes a stand

Lena Luthor Defending Herself – The CW Network

Mon-El punched the guard that was escorting them, but it was Lena who picked up his gun and shot him. As they find themselves at a locked door, Lena has Mon-El break the mechanism and uses her headband to trigger it’s unlock. On the other side they find guards, but the Kylo-Ren lookin’ wannabes get swiftly taken out by Supergirl. She and Mon-El reunite, and Lena looks to her mother in awe for having teamed up with a Super to save her life. As they all run to the transmat center, Lillian, Lena, and Hank get there first, leaving Supergirl and Mon-El behind to die. At the fortress of Solitude, Lillian sends the call to Alex to state that “everyone has gotten off of the ship safely,” though leaves out the fact that Supergirl is not among them.

Alex Taking Orders

Alex Gets The Go-Ahead – The CW Network

On the ship itself, Kara reveals her ace in the hole. She’d had Winn plant a device on Hank that would allow them to return to Earth if it turned out Lillian double-crossed them. Mon-El tells Supergirl that they should get ready to leave, but Kara refuses. She wants to give Reya one final chance to surrender peacefully, and transports him back to Earth. Lena asks where Supergirl had gone, and Mon-El informs her that she’s not coming. He grabs Lillian’s radio and tells Alex that Supergirl is still on the ship and they need more time, but the president is insistent that Alex fire. Alex hovers over the button, panic in her eyes over what the right choice should be.

Double Cross

Double Crossing A Double Crosser – The CW Network

At Catco, Winn is boasting over Cat’s speech, and Cat even offers the tech wizard a compliment over his skill. However their glee is shortlived when a group of soldiers surrounds them. Cat tells Winn that it was nice knowing him, but Guardian interrupts their death-good-byes by bursting in through the window. Winn and Cat hide behind a desk, while Guardian takes on the soldiers. He successfully takes them all down, before telling Miss Grant she’s safe. She responds with “Thanks James,” before he retorts that he’s The Guardian. She scoffs and tells him she can see his eyes, and you CANNOT TELL ME this woman doesn’t KNOW Supergirl’s identity. Seriously. As Alex debates her choices, killing her sister, or potentially killing the world, the Positron gets destroyed by something nearby.

Thanks James

Cat Grant Knows The Identity Of Every Superhero Ever – The CW Network

Kara pleads with Reya over surrendering, and The Queen tells the girl of steel that she’d killed her own husband when he opposed her, Kara’s speech would do nothing to alter her course. As Supergirl tries to show Reya that she’d lost, someone approaches from behind and throws Supergirl across the room. When she turns around, it’s….Superman??? Apparently Reya has done something to the Kryptonian to bend him to her will, but what could she have done that would’ve turned Metropolis’ golden boy into a slave soldier for the Daxamite Queen? I can’t say for sure, but you should check out the season finale of Supergirl, premiering Monday 05/23/17 on The CW!

Clark Kent

Superman Goes Rogue – The CW Network