This episode had a little bit of everything, but I spent most of the episode thinking about the time I met Ben Folds in a Sharper Image store (do those still exist?) More on him later.

The majority of the episode continued the story of Jimmy’s Dad’s death. Previously Gretchen tried to get Jimmy to grieve in a failed sadness roadtrip. This episode finds Jimmy throwing a memorial service for his father after he receives his father’s ashes all the way from England.

Initially, Jimmy has no intention of memorializing his dad. But Gretchen (on the advice of her new client, Ben Folds) convinces him that it’s the right thing to do.

The actual service is a bit of a disaster. Jimmy finds out before the service that his father knew he was dying before his last visit, and the knowledge that his father knew and didn’t tell him sends him into a bit of a rage. After he leaves the wake, he breaks down emotionally, finally grieving the loss of his father.

Elsewhere, Lindsay convinces Paul that they should have an open relationship, despite Paul’s misgivings (this won’t go well). And Edgar finds that pot is the only thing that will help with his PTSD, so he seeks out a prescription for medical marijuana.

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