Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

iZombie is seriously one of my favorite shows EVER, so it pains me to say this…but two parts of this week’s episode REALLY annoyed me.

1. Liv on this preschool teacher brain–this guy actually seemed like more of a manwhore than anything else, so why did this brain make her a patronizing baby talker? Believe me, I’m a teacher, generally we can keep the way we talk to adults and the way we talk to kids separate. So, to me, this was the worst brain we’ve seen Liv on. And that’s a short list because it’s almost always spectacular.

2. Major helping Colin hook Liv–this is just straight up bizarre to me. It’s obvious that Liv and Major love each other. I know that they can’t have sex, but you’d think they still would be sort of emotionally connected. It’s weird to me that Major would help set her up even though just the week before he was talking about how much he loves her. It just seems unrealistic to me. But this IS about a show about a zombie detective.

3. Where is Jason Dohring?! –this isn’t a problem, just more of a general quandary. I thought he was supposed to be a recurring character this season?! I was hoping he’d be a Fillmore Graves guy. I don’t want him to be a bad guy!! UPDATE: Just checked and his first episode is next week. YAS.

Now, moving on to the actual recap…

We pick up with Liv reeling about not being able to take the cure. Like, she goes full on zombie and beats up Blaine. He swears he doesn’t have it, though. And later in the episode she checks in with Don E. and supposedly he doesn’t have it either. One of them could be lying, or maybe neither of them have it. Is there another bad guy lurking that we don’t know about yet? Where can Ravi find some more tainted Utopium?

Major is cured and trying to hide it from most of his coworkers–his new work BFF (and Liv’s new BF), Colin, knows, but no one else does. I’m gonna go ahead and suggest no one get too attached to Colin, because he was definitely caught in full on zombie rage mode on camera by those redneck zombie hunters.

In one of the ickiest murders we’ve seen yet, the womanizing preschool teacher I mentioned above, was nailgunned repeatedly in the head. What a way to go. At first, the prime suspect was Shenae Grimes (a CW alum!), his actual girlfriend who caught him in his web of lies, but after some digging, it turned out to be the husband of one of the other preschool moms. Even though I (and Clive, I think) found this week’s brain annoying, it was a fun juxtaposition to the case itself and the reason this guy died. One should hope that most preschool teachers are slightly better role models than this guy.

Elsewhere, Blaine and Peyton are both slightly off their game due to their break up. Blaine’s really torn up and Peyton just seems distracted. I don’t think she really has feelings for him anymore, though, because he’s an ass.
Peyton is dealing with fallout from the dominatrix case. There is some video on a memory card from the Sweet Lady Jane’s that is worth dying over. We don’t know what it is yet, but it’s safe to say it probably has to do with the growing number of zombies in Seattle.

Blaine is dealing with a major loss of business–and possibly life. Don E stole all of his client base, and one of his dad’s henchmen shot him in the gut. Talk about a bad week. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Blaine, though. He seems to have nine lives.

As I mentioned earlier, get ready for the introduction of Jason Dohring’s character next week (my Veronica Mars-loving heart will soar) and the introduction of Liv The daredevil!