The Wrath Of Vanya


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The Umbrella Academy continues to blow my mind after watching each episode, especially from what I saw in the previous episode leading into this one. We saw the mysterious force that Vanya can create from her emotions as well as her lunatic boyfriend doing to ensure that she gets her well-deserved spot as the first chair in the orchestra. Despite everything that Leonard has done, he is the only one that doesn’t completely ignores Vanya. Now that we know that Vanya has powers, we must find out the real reason why Sir. Hargreeves kept her out of the academy as if she wasn’t as special as her siblings, in fact, I think she might be more powerful than the rest. Whatever medication Vanya was taking, I’m sure that her father manipulated her to be dependent on it. I believe that Sir. Hargreeves knew what Vanya was capable of, but didn’t want her to know. He was an intelligent man, so there is no denying that he might have kept it a secret for a reason. I’m interested to see what that reason is sometime in this season.

After seeing Leonard act suspiciously in the previous episodes as well as the unknown dirt that Alison couldn’t find, I suspect that he knew Sir. Hargreeves personally. He even stole a figurine of Sir. Hargreeves. The way he tries to encourage Vanya to come out of her shell is a way to blindside her and her family into believing that he has her best interest at heart which we know he doesn’t. He knew how Vanya felt about her family, yet he insisted that she paid a visit to the academy anyway. Outraged by her family not including her in the meeting about the end of the world, Vanya began to damage everything in her path from her anger. Vanya is in denial about the possibility of her having powers, but I have a feeling once she finds out, she’s going to be pretty pissed. I feel like Leonard chose to prey on Vanya because of her vulnerability and insecurities. Being shut out by everyone all her life has caused her to find validation of who she is in objects and people. In this episode, we also saw a seen of young Leonard being abused by his own father while reading Umbrella Academy comic books. Young Leonard also cosplayed as an Umbrella Academy student, but as you can see his dream hasn’t come true. Leonard is either obsessed, seeking revenge on Sir.Hargreeves, or both.

Soldier Klaus

    When Klaus took Hazel and Cha-Cha’s briefcase he hoped to find loot to pay for his habits, but instead, he was taken to a dark time. In the previous episode, we saw Klaus mourn a lost friend from the war at a bar for veterans, but he was much more than a friend to Klaus. This explained all of the tears he shed after returning from the Vietnam war of 1968. When he was nakedly transported to a US base camp, he met a wonderful human being by the name of Dave. We know that Klaus isn’t ideally a great protector since he bails on his family consistently, but he managed to get through this troubling time period. There were scenes shown of Klaus and Dave making out indicating that the two became lovers. I could tell by the way that they looked at each other that the two were deeply in love. I can see why Klaus went into such a deep depression over someone who showed him, abundant love. If Dave didn’t pass, maybe he would’ve been able to stay sober.

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Luther’s Discovery

 As seen in this season, we know that Luther is one of the most loyalist children that Sir. Hargreeves had. When the family met about saving the world, Luther insisted that they search through his father’s research. While looking for information, Luther also toggled to find the reason for his father sending him to the moon for so many years. When he was surprised to find no reason at all, Luther became disappointed with his father and Pogo. Luckily, Alison was able to cheer Luther up by spending quality time together in the childhood tent they played in when they were younger. A scene showed a younger version of Alison and Luther playing together, but their father forbade it. This confirmed that Alison and Luther had a flame once before a long time ago and the flame sparked again in this episode when the two danced together. The two even smooched which I hoped would rekindle old feelings because they need each other now more than ever. I know that Alison and Luther fit like a puzzle piece and I hope that they will eventually develop a relationship again.


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Five’s Last Job At The Commission 

  I feared that five going back to work at the commission was his way of surrendering and letting the world fall as he was told it’s suppose to, but I was wrong. Five is far too intelligent to be stuck at a desk for the rest of his days so he came up with a master plan to outsmart the handler out his contract once again! This time he made sure that no one would come after him if he attempts to save the world. Messages were sent to Cha-Cha to take out Hazel. Cha-Cha was hesitant about killing Hazel until she got a glimpse of his softness with the worker of the donuts shop. This assured Cha-Cha that it was her job that was more important. Before Cha-Cha could kill Hazel, Hazel was able to pistol whip her. He also received a message to take out his partner. This kept five’s path clear as he searched for the one person he needs to take out in order to stop the apocalypse. As much as the commissioner insisted to leave things the way they are, five realized what she turned him into and wish for no more deaths at the commission’s hands. Five collected his research, burned down the commission’s building as well as their time traveling briefcases. I thought that this was the best part of the episode as I saw five travel back in time to the beginning of the episode. I love how he is able to use his powers for the greater good, but I wonder how much this new information will alter the time frame again. We also got a glimpse of Vanya discovering her father’s notebook in Leonard’s home with notes about Vanya’s secret superpower.

   Yay Or Nay

  I say yay, I love to find the pieces of the big puzzle in each episode, but sometimes my predictions are insufficient because I leave out because I forgot about some small information. One piece of small information that I left out was that Pogo reactivated their robotic mother and insisted that she doesn’t disclose too much information to Pogo. I feel like Pogo is hiding something from the family, which may be more disappointing facts about their father or ugly truth. There are always two sides to a story, but we only have on and Sir. Hargreeves isn’t present to speak on his behalf so I’m left to conclude small character traits about him based on scenes shown with his family. I love how this episode included the whole back story of Klaus’s time in the war and the childhood memories of Alison and Luther. This was able to help me understand the character’s agenda and aspirations a little bit more. I’m anxious to find out more about the relationship/obsession between Leonard and Sir. Hargreeves. This was a great episode and I can’t wait till the plot thickens more!

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