Gamora, Drax, Starlord, Rocket, and Groot are back in another epic adventure! Less focused on tying their story to other facets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and their infinity stone story line, the sequel puts more of a focus on their backgrounds, character development, and how they behave around each other.

the fam


While the original Guardians Of The Galaxy put a lot of focus on Peter Quill’s instability over the loss of his mother, as well as the forming of the Guardians and how they’ll tie into the MCU, the next installment focuses on Peter’s patriarchal lineage, as well as the separate growth of each character (aside from Drax. We saw a lot of growth in him during the first in the series.) The star of the film though, is NOT necessarily Peter Quill. We learn a lot about Rocket, as a being, and many a scene revolves around Baby Groot, and what he’s like in (what I assume to be) his terrible twosomes stage. On top of that, Yondu The Ravager and Gamora’s sister, Nebula, will be returning to the fold, and boy is it an emotionally destructive roller coaster.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 conveys strong messages about family, though the messages themselves are unconventional. I can rarely say that a sequel was JUST as good as its’ predecessor, but in this case it’s true. I can’t say it’s perfect, but it does easily rank a 9/10 in my book. Check out Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 in theaters now, and as always, thanks for reading!