Welcome back Gothamites!

Penguin and Ivy go to the snowy mountains of a place far, far away to start assembling their army of freaks. In the middle of this icy place, stands the home of Victor Fries who moved there when Indian Hill took away his suit and he was unable to survive in the normal weather. Penguin wants his help in taking back Gotham and promises to give him all the resources he needs to reverse his condition. Freeze eventually agrees when he sees that Ivy and Penguin brought along his suit.

The other place that they pay a visit is quite a bit warmer, in every sense of the word. Firefly now works in a glass making factory, where she gets crocked by her boss. Encouraged by Ivy she burns the boss his face to come along in Penguins and Ivy’s family. Penguin and his freaks go to his house where they rest and prepare themselves for the great battle.


Freeze:”There is a question mark on your face”
Penguin:”You can sleep in the fridge”   Foto source

After Frank Gordon killed himself in the previous episode and Gordon pretended that he pulled the trigger he gets in the car to meet Katherine. Katherine is not surprised that Gordon killed his uncle, but still requests him to prove his loyalty even more. When she finds herself a suitable assignment, she will call him.

The Riddler is back in action. He has already robbed three banks and it seems that he isn’t ready to stop. He gets a visit from Barbara who asks him to help her uncover who ultimately runs Gotham. It is one giant riddle, so of course, Nygma can’t refuse. He has the idea to smoke out the powerful and goes to the theatre. Hamilton is being performed and Gotham’s rich and powerful is attending. Nygma threatens to abduct and kill one of them if the highest power doesn’t present itself. That turns out to be a bluff, but he does kill the actor playing Hamilton. He also leaves a box with a new riddle for Gordon and Harvey to solve.

The riddle leads them to uncovering Nygma’s plans to kidnap Mayor James, who got reinstated after Penguin disappeared. Gordon and Harvey go the mayor’s office to warn the mayor and move him to another location. The mayor refuses as feels completely safe and he just wants to enjoy his danishes. The danishes end up being poisoned or something and they rush the mayor to the nearest hospital. They try their best to keep an eye on him, but when bikers come into the hospital being victims of a bombing, planned by Nygma with the help of Barbara and Tabitha, they lose him. Nygma is dressed as a police officer and in the chaos, he sees his chance to take the mayor.

Back at Nygma’s hideout, they question him about this high power. Eventually, when Barbara threatens with using The Box again, he gives them the answer they are looking for: The Court runs Gotham. That is all he knows and The Court only contacts him when he is needed. Nygma isn’t pleased with the answer since he still doesn’t know who is behind The Court. He sets up a live TV broadcast to announce that he will kill the mayor if The Court doesn’t reveal themselves.

When Gordon is watching the broadcast in the GCPD he gets a call from Katherine. It is his job to take Nygma and to bring him to The Court. If he does then he is officially considered as a member. Gordon calls Nygma and tells him to meet him at an empty GCPD because he has more information about this Court he is looking for. Nygma shows up and as requested he brings the mayor with him. Gordon makes a deal with Nygma that Gordon brings him to the people in charge if he releases the mayor. Nygma doesn’t like that idea and tries to detonate the bomb that the mayor has around his neck, but due to a phone call that Gordon got from Tabitha, he dismantles the bomb before that happens. Nygma realises that he has no leverage anymore and goes along with Gordon. They drive to an empty parking lot where they wait for Katherine. Nygma is fascinated that he finally meets one of the people that ultimately runs Gotham and without much drama, he gets into Katherine’s car. It looks like Gordon is fine with The Court taking Nygma before he can be arrested by the GCPD for robbing a couple of banks and kidnapping the mayor. But I know that deep inside he is not happy to do this, even if this gets him a place in The Court. Let’s just hope that Katherine keeps her word and doesn’t decide to kill him. Here is what she said about it:

“Someone with his intelligence can be quite useful to The Court, we’ll find something for him to do”

Later we see Gordon being introduced to the rest of The Court by Katherine. He looks quite ridiculous with an owl mask though.

In the end, when you think that all is sorted out, and everyone is back at being happy, there is one person who isn’t: Barbara. She is furious that Gordon and The Court took Nygma away before letting her know who the big boss of Gotham is. She knows that she can’t control Gotham entirely by herself if The Court is still above her. She tries to cool down her angry by knocking down a waiter from Sirens with a bottle and arguing with Tabitha.

Bruce Wayne’s doppelganger (let’s call him Clone) who was placed by The Court is still in place. When playing a game of chess, Alfred seems to notice that something is up. The clone is letting him win, and that isn’t normal behaviour from Bruce. When Alfred starts questioning him about it, Clone tells that he is still upset from everything that had happened with Selina the other day. Alfred believes him and lets it slide. When Alfred is gone Clone gets a nose bleeding and sneaks out to see Katherine. She gives him the great news that he is dying. But no worries, he won’t before the real Bruce gets back to Gotham. Somehow his news triggers something inside of him and he decides to pay a visit to Selina. At first, she is pissed that he dares to show his face and wants him to get out. But then Clone tells her that he is not the real Bruce and tells her everything. He warns her that danger is coming to Gotham and that she needs to leave for her own safety. Selina doesn’t want to leave and tells him that no matter how hard he tries, he’ll never be the real Bruce. Because the real one would try and save everyone in the city and not only her. Selina wants to leave and go tell Alfred because she is slightly worried where the real Bruce is. But Clone won’t let her and gets angry and pushes her out of the window. The last scene shows her lying in the alley surrounded by a couple of cats.

This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions. Nygma and his actions keep getting better and better, but yet it is never over the top. Although I am worried what The Court will do to him. And, of course, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT TO SELINA, THEY CAN’T LET HER DIE LIKE THAT! Anyway, enough to talk about. I’d love to hear your opinions on this episode, and thanks for reading!