*Spoiler warning for Legends of Tomorrow season 4, episode 12.

Gary on Legends of Tomorrow

Gary in Ava’s purgatory on Legends of Tomorrow. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

This episode was a bit of a let down, but it did have some interesting moments. Since Sara and Ava’s fight a couple of episodes ago, they haven’t been talking. When Sara tries to go to talk to Ava this episode, she finds out that Ava has been kidnapped by the demon Neron (who has been possessing Desmond). Using her connection that she has with Neron, Nora tracks Ava down. Constantine is worried that Nora may be a liability in this situation, and that Neron may be able to turn the tables and control her, but Nora insists. When they find Ava, Constantine says that her body is being prepared as a vessel to house a demon, and so her soul has been put in purgatory.

To recover Ava’s soul, Sara enters purgatory, which is Ava’s version of hell. Apparently, hell to Ava is a department home goods store, which for some reason includes Gary as a salesman. At each room of the store, Sara and Ava are given new challenges to their relationship that they have to overcome to escape, and they have to do it before the store “closes” or else Ava will be gone for good. For example, at one point they build a wardrobe, and Ava has to accept that the wardrobe isn’t perfect, but it’s their’s. Another challenge is choosing a mattress. They finally choose the one with the fifty year warranty, acknowledging that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. In the final challenge, Sara has to choose an Ava – since Ava’s a clone, there are a ton more of her in existence (all of them usually in the future though). Sara doesn’t pick any of these other Ava’s and says that she only wants her Ava. Having worked on their relationship all day, Sara and Ava emerge stronger than ever. Ava admits that she does care whether creatures are being tortured, she just needs to know that Sara is on her side, which Sara says that she always is.

Meanwhile, Constantine and Nora use Charlie and her shapeshifting abilities to bait and catch Neron. They lock him up in the Time Bureau while he tries to manipulate them into letting him out. At one point it looks like he has Nora under his persuasion, but she was actually just trying to coax him out of Desmond so that she and Constantine could put him back in hell. Right when they’re doing their magic though, Ray bursts in. He didn’t know about the plan, and truly believes that Nora is going over to the dark side. His interruption ruins the spell, and Nora uses the rest of her magic to kill Neron, but the effort puts her into a coma. Desmond emerges alive and okay, but wanting nothing to do with Constantine. Constantine pledges to save Nora, and not abandon her like he did when she was a child.

Nate spends the episode trying to decide what to do with the magical creature amusement park his dad was building. He initially tells the workmen to tear it down, but after talking to Neron, he finds out that his dad was ignoring Neron’s instructions to deliver magical creatures to him. Neron wanted Hank to give him magical creatures so that Neron could feed off their souls, but Hank instead used the funding Neron gave him to build the amusement park. After that, Nate changes his mind, and stops the workmen from tearing down the park. I still maintain that subjugating magical creatures for others’ amusement is not a good thing, but okay.

The last part of the episode is the least interesting. The best episodes are the ones where all of the characters are involved in the conflict, but this episode Zari, Mick, Charlie, and Mona all sit around all episode trying to decide what Zari should text Nate, now that she’s decided she likes him. She finally texts him that she likes him, but immediately regrets it. Luckily for her, Nate’s phone got crushed before he could see it.

The end of the episode reveals that Neron was not destroyed, but is now inhabiting Ray. It is also revealed that Neron was preparing Ava’s body to be a vessel for his demonic romantic partner Tabitha. One can only imagine what will happen once there is two of them.