Sara and Teddy are finding the situation in the states to be highly dangerous. Teddy finds Sara and has some information for her. He just can’t seem to say it since their is no easy way to go about it so he just shows her his phone. Teddy says that he followed the two shooters after the incident at Kellerman’s. It was Sara’s husband and the two shooters who were having a meeting. Teddy said he couldn’t get close enough to hear the entire conversation but he did hear Sara, Michael and Mike’s names mentioned. She runs to her vehicle saying that she has to go get her son.

Sara rushes to the sitters, so fast in fact that she walks in without even knocking, takes him by the hand and gives a rushed fake excuse on why she is picking him up today. She is close to leaving when the husband shows up. Sara puts Mike in the car and confronts her husband point blankly if he always has meetings with killers. His defense is a whole string of circumstances on how that meeting happened and she doesn’t believe a word of it.

Sara goes to talk to a mutual friend about the whole situation, he naturally calls while it is happening and says that he spoke with someone about the phone and wants them to go talk to him. He says that he did meet with him, and that he wanted someone to look through his wives phone to see if he can find out who was tracking it. He said he did find a trace left behind that was helpful, so far the story matches up. Though it could be he paid this person off or did so through intimidation, but my thought process is, of course he already knows, but went through these steps to strengthen his story. He calls Sara to the police station for something, and she is asked to pick out of the lineup the two people who broke into the house and shot her husband. Sara easily points out 3 and 4, she looks at her husband reluctantly and tells the cops she is sure that is them. Sara still seems uneasy about it all, her husband tells her that with the information he had he went to track the killers to pay them money, because everyone loves money and paid them $50,000, but he says he hid a tracker in the money that they didn’t find which led to the capture. Sara is not buying what he is selling but she is going along with it for now as she has no play.

Oversees, Michael and his crew are still trying to find a way out of the country. The soldiers have put a ten million Rial bounty on the heads of whoever captures Michael and his guys, so all the locals go out on the hunt. Michael thinks that they shouldn’t fly out of the country, that is the first thing that will be shut down from an overload of people trying to leave. Michael’s suggestion is it’s like a shell game and they need to go where they are not expected. Michael thinks train station is the way to go, Lincoln keeps giving reasons why that is not the best play with Michael continuing to deflect the notion so Lincoln gets mad and confronts Michael asking what is really going on and how is he still alive? Michael tells him he had to fake his own death to go deep under cover to work under Poseidon so that everyone else could go free. It turns out that Kellerman didn’t have the political authority to exonerate everyone and the only way it would stand is if Michael went to work for Poseidon. Poseidon created a group called 21 void for all his personal missions.

At the airport like Michael thought the place is complete chaos, Franklin and Sheba get a read on who the pilot is and follow him, once he is close to the plane he is stopped and attacked by a bunch of rebels. Sheba comes out and creates a diversion long enough for Franklin to kick their butts. The pilot asks Franklin and Sheba why they are after him and Franklin says they are just trying to get out of the country just like him, the pilot says the 747 is done by the pirates but Franklin is eyeing a smaller older plane in the hanger.

Meanwhile Michael and company are trying to figure out how to get on the train unnoticed to get out of the country. Michael’s play is to get on a cargo train as their won’t be as many eyes looking for them. So they wait for a moment to grab some cargo to load on the train. Lincoln is made because his boots are to nice and a thug says that he needs to donate them to the cause. Lincoln cold cocks the guy as they all make an escape down the train tracks.


Lincoln is very serious about pineapple going on pizza. Photo Credit: Prison Break/Fox

Cyclops has been on the trail for a bit and he did guess that they would try to take the train, happens to find Michael and company running across the train tracks and is able to snap a picture of them and calls in to the thugs and says he knows where they are but he calls the shots now. Cyclops and his thugs catch up to Michael and hits them while in a vehicle with a vehicle causing everyone to have to escape on foot again. They hide out in a building as they figure out what they will do as the thugs start sweeping buildings one by one. While pinned in Sid starts telling a story about his first lover and how he was murdered, he wants this group to do that to him because if he is caught they will do things far worse. In another room, Michael confesses all his mistakes to Lincoln since they both think they are going to die. As time is running short and the rebels are fast approaching, the Korean sets up a trap that literally blows the door off with fire and gives them a chance to run out and escape.

As the group tries to make their way to the airport Cyclops finds them again. Man this guy is good at tracking, he shoots Sid and says with one phone call all his brothers will know they are heading to the airport and in turn would put a stop to anyone making it out of the country. The numbers game gets to Cyclops and they beat him up pretty good, sadly Sid doesn’t make it. The now, foursome have no choice but to continue to head to the airport.

The pilot is very nervous about the thugs approaching with the jeeps and guns. Franklin is on the phone with Lincoln who arrive on the other side of a fence, Lincoln sees that the thugs are shooting at the plane. He tells them that they need to leave right now or him and the kids will die. He says that they will figure something out, Sheba grabs the phone from Franklin and tells him that he needs to find, who I think is Omar, it was very hard to hear. The plane is able to take off and the thugs turn the attention to Michael and group so they see that it’s time to run once again!