We’ve reached the winter hiatus for our favorite show, Jane the Virgin. We won’t be getting a new episode until January 23rd, but luckily, we were given enough bombshells to keep our interest peaked and our minds churning until it returns.

I, as a natural daydreamer and tv theorist, have come up with a few scenarios on how some of these current storylines could potentially evolve:

#1 The Biggest Bombshell 

Even if he’s technically not Solano-born, Rafael’s still a Solano. His only living family member (that we know of), Luisa, would never turn her back on him, and I highly doubt he’ll lose a lot of the money and status he has gained. The only thing that will truly change for Rafael is his outlook on life, which has changed before (when he had cancer). This boy’s life has been the craziest roller coaster ever! Even in the last minute or so of the episode he appeared more humble and eager to do the right thing over the “smart” thing. Which isn’t always good, but I do believe that will garner him more respect from Jane. And I don’t believe for a second things are completely dunzo between them. I think this storyline right here could be the flickering light in the current darkness that is the Jane/Rafael ship. Let’s hope, anyway.

#2 Evil Catalina?

From the moment she bounced into Jane and Michael’s life, I knew this bitch would be trouble. Catalina was just too good to be true. There’s no way anyone is that perfect. Not possible, especially on Jane The Virgin, where everyone has dirty secrets and fatal flaws. From what I’ve gathered, Catalina appears to be some sort of smuggler (remember the jewels and money?) and she must NEED to be in Miami to complete whatever job she’s doing. Also, she’s hooking up with an old guy, who is definitely her boss. Not to mention, she successfully tricked Jane with stories about that money and those jewels, which means Jane will probably be pretty defensive of her for the next few episodes. My guess here is that she’ll fool everyone for a while, causing significant damage to recently-wounded Rafael, The Marbella, Jane, and probably Michael.

#3 He’s a peacock; you gotta let him fly!

Sorry, couldn’t resist a The Other Guys pun. Michael will not stand for this new desk duty assignment. He’s too stubborn–we’ve seen plenty of evidence of that. He’s gonna break the rules. Probably either getting him in trouble with the force or getting him injured again. Maybe worse. Let’s not forget, Rose doesn’t like to leave loose ends untied.

#4 She’s (not) having my baby!

Ain’t no way Rogelio and this love dealer, Darci, are having a baby! Not gonna happen! I see Darci as a minor character placed to push Rogelio and Xiomara back together. I’m not super here for the will-they or won’t-they of #RoXo. They need to be together; they’re better with each other. They’re love story is like something Jane may read in one of her romance novels.

These are actually pretty vague, because I won’t pretend to know how to predict the ups and downs of this world. My Petra Theory last year was way off. I could be wrong about any and all of this…but it sure is fun to speculate!