When co-anchor Chuck Pierce announces that he will be missing a day of work for the first time Katie and Greg are relieved. Without Chuck in the studio they think they will get a stress-free day at work. And the next day they showed up and everything went smoothly. Just kidding! Of course everything was bat-crap crazy. This was the first episode that really reminded me of 30 Rock. It captured the chaotic atmosphere of a studio as well as the difficult “talent”, in this case the anchors.

With Chuck out of the office, the anchors remind Greg that he had had promised they could do certain segments when Chuck wasn’t there. In the past, every time someone pitched Greg a horrible idea he told them that Chuck would hate it but as soon as Chuck missed a day they could do it. Obviously Greg never thought that day would come, but unfortunately the day arrived and with it came a plethora of terrifyingly horrible ideas.

Weather girl Beth, played by the show’s creator Tracey Wigfield, insists on a doomsday themed segment and Chuck’s co-anchor Portia (Nicole Ritchie) takes the opportunity to wear a see-through plastic skirt with nothing underneath.

While Katie and Greg had their hands full in the studio, Chuck and Carol had their own problems. Carol is struggling with some of the duties of an intern. She’s great at the “mom tasks” like taking care of others but not so much when it comes to technology or the lingo.

Chuck tells the crew at the studio that he will be missing a day to attend an award show, but in reality he is having double cataract surgery. Needing a driver, he enlists Carol to help him. Carol swings into action as an intern but also puts her mom skills to work. She cars for Chuck at her house until Katie and Greg tell Chuck he is needed back at the studio.

Katie and Greg hope that Chuck’s presence will make everything go back to normal but they are unaware that Chuck is recovering and currently can’t see. Carol attempts to feed Chuck his lines while he wears and earpiece but things don’t go smoothly. However, it still manages to be better than the rehearsal.

Katie tells her mom that although she didn’t fulfill all the duties of an intern, she actually ended up behaving more like a producer. Katie’s words give Carol hope that she might fit in at the studio after all.