Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 8

The second part of the Zygon Invasion which does lack action its more than makes up in its writing.This episode gave us a real satisfying conclusion to the would be Zygon war. This was a classic Doctor Who tale with a strong political twist for modern audience. The called back to the 50th year special was great and a mention of the Time War which was one of the driving forces of this episode.

The Doctor’s long speech about the Boxes and the choices of war could have easily gone down as preachy and boring,but Peter Capaldi delivered it with great passion and the heart ans soul of The Doctor. This made his speech towards the end into something very special. I also enjoyed how they gave Osgood the role of the companion in this episode. She made the most of her time and did a great job as a stand in for Clara. The answer we got of if Osgood was human or Zygon wasn’t the answer I was excepting but I really enjoyed the one we got. Overall this was a great ending for the Zygon Invasion  with solid performances throughout.