After all the wait, Savitar’s identity has been finally revealed.  And…it’s who we all assumed it was. Barry from the future is Savitar and been the one pulling all the strings. Originally I was confident that Savitar was Ronnie who got trapped in the speed forced in season one. In the previous episode, we saw Caitlyn reaction to who was under the armor and it screamed “Ronnie” to me.  Seeing it be Barry after all added another layer to this season.  I’m curious where they take it from here and the reason for Future Flash dark path. This episode also had some  great Killer Frost action which is always welcomed and the introduction to a new charter, Tracy Brand.  She seemed to be a nice addition to Team Flash and I really enjoyed her moments with H.R Wells. I hope they keep her around for the remainder of the season. Cisco also was given some good character development and showcasing his and Caitlyn friendship. They have a couple of fights where visually appealing. I personally hope they keep Caitlyn as Killer Frost till the season finale as her transformation is something we were teased for an entire season. I also want her to turn on Savitar and see how they clash.

Overall this was a great episode with an impactful finale scene.  Why does Future Flash want to kill Iris? What happens to his face? Are we just not gonna talk about The Flash of Earth 19? Hopefully, we get these answers in the next episode.