Thoughts I Had While Watching Supernatural: 12×20

Honestly, I dont really have much to say for this episode other than “WTF is this shit?!” So here are my thoughts:

  • Ahhh good ol’ ten minute Road So Far
  • Ring the bell, my ass
  • Wow how is this woman in hospitality
  • Tasha Banes is a witch!
  • Dont go into the basement! Nothing good ever happens there!
  • Oh shit. Tasha Banes is a dead witch!
  • Aww Dean’s worried about his Boyfriend best friend
  • OKay so im still pissed about the colt being destroyed
  • Mom went on a hunting trip.
  • WHAT ABOUT CAS?? -what I ask most weeks
  • Oh Sam i see what you did there, you clever boy
  • Mary’s a bit tied up at the  moment, badum tiss!
  • Jk it’s just a shifter
  • Dean admitting he’s spun out and talking about feelings A+
  • Ketch would not hesitate to torture you, Mary. Glad you picked him over your kids
  • Max is also natural witch, not a “borrower
  • LET DEAN USE THE GRENADE LAUNCHER!! I need a win this year!
  • Mary is a great hunter but a shit mom #YouCanBeGoodAtBoth
  • Lol not at all strange that a guy just crawled out of a cellar….
  • Max you are sassy AF
  • Shut up Dean, wine is the Mom Juice of choice
  • Lol who breaks their finger opening a bottle of wine?
  • Dean and I are the same wine drinkers. #MorePlease
  • Ketch still DTF
  • Wow Mary, you really have blinded yourself. Oy
  • LOL even Ketch knows you’re a shit parent.
  • Dean is so disgusted by having to drink wine LOL
  • Oooooh i think that is a lesson for you Dean #ParentsArePeople
  • Mary’s phone vibrates HARD
  • What’s going on, Ketchy?? Shady
  • Wow convenient email from Dead Mick
  • Giant stick dolls are a totally normal thing…
  • Nice overdue apology Mary.
  • Mary saying she will be around more almost guarantees that she’ll be dead soon. BC Man Pain.
  • Dean. Sam. You know better than going into smelly basement.
  • Aww dead Tasha.
  • Wow everyone in the house is actually dead. Shit.
  • Aw poor Max
  • Someone found Dead Mick!!
  • Now that is a wall full o hunters
  • GARTH!!!
  • Mary is great Hunter but awful at hide and seek.
  • Glad you ​got that call in before Ketch found you.
  • Damn Mary, kick his ass!
  • Ketch feels like a janitor. Janitor of Murder.
  • Oh taser. Why didn’t you just start with that, dude??
  • Alicia is super naive for a hunter…
  • I need stick versions of my kids. Maybe they’ll do their chores…
  • Demon Witch is a track suited bitch
  • Wow Sam’s punches break necks!
  • Jk stick boy ain’t dead.
  • Pass the magic. Save your soul. Nice loophole…
  • I don’t think we need to watch Tasha die again, thanks supernatural
  • Uh oh Sammy boy!
  • Don’t take the deal, Max!
  • Oh wow look another woman of color died. Two in one episode. Great.
  • Dammit Max.
  • Good shootin, Dean!
  • Oh Alicia 😦 also more Man Pain.
  • Didn’t they say they were both witches in Asa Fox?
  • What the FUCK ARE YOU TWO DOING?!? Dude just lost his WHOLE FAMILY and you’re just going to LEAVE HIM ALONE WITH THE DEMON RING?!?!
  • Good to know that the Winchester men don’t have a monopoly on stupid.
  • Max you’re an idiot.
  • Ugh. Toni is back?! LAME.

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