After three seasons of exhausting ups & downs, countless fights, heartbreaks, make-ups, emotional outbursts, and heartfelt confessions, the day has FINALLY come — Walter & Paige are canon!

This joke is funny, of course, because this episode was the long-awaited Quintis wedding episode, in which we were supposed to bask in the love between grumpy mechanic Happy Quinn and dorky shrink Toby Curtis. However, the major Waige moment kinda overshadowed that. And also I felt like the wedding itself was kind of a let down.

I am a HUGE Quintis fan. Like maybe one of the biggest in the fandom. I’ve been here since day 1, and honestly, Quintis alone has been able to keep me around. So ya, I had a vested interest in this wedding. It’s something I’d been fantasizing about since that episode in season 1 when Toby & Happy had to pretend to be a married couple for part of a case. I’d made many predictions about how their wedding would go down, and even wrote my own Quintis wedding fanfiction once. Ya — I was THAT obsessed.

Let’s see what I got right:

  • A Case Interrupts the Wedding

Well, sort of. I’m going to give myself the credit here. I always knew that some stuff would go down on the world-saving side of things and cause a big problem with the wedding. While I always assumed they would be interrupted mid-wedding (maybe even mid-vow!), the chaos happened pre-wedding. It was a race to solve the case before the wedding bells rang. They, unfortunately, did not make it, and while everyone made it out ok, the venue had to cancel.

  • Wedding at a Small, Unconventional Location

I thought it would be on top of the roof, ’cause that’s kinda there spot, but Paige ended up roping together a pretty good ceremony in Kovalski’s Diner. And oh ya, contrary to Toby’s claim that he would have a big wedding, they ended up with only Team Scorpion by their side, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Familiar Faces

Fan favorite Ray showed up after many episodes’ absence (was he from season 2 or 3?), and I really liked his addition as makeshift marriage officiant.

  • “Papa” Cabe Gallo

And finally, we all knew Cabe would be the one to walk Happy down the aisle. Even though her actual father has made quite a few appearances on the show, after he was thrown in jail a few episodes back, we were pretty sure there was only one man for the job. And Happy called Cabe her “Something Borrowed,” which is pretty freaking cute.

  • Happy’s Vows

The part the fandom was most torn over — what would Happy say on her big day? I always wanted to see something uncharacteristically romantic from Happy with her vows, and I definitely got it! Happy’s vows were sweet and straight from the heart, leaving not a dry eye in the house. For the first time, Toby couldn’t even speak, and though he had a massive speech planned, the only thing he could say in the moment was “I just… I love you.” AWW!!

SO — now that we got all that covered, what in the world happened with Waige?! Well, this one isn’t actually a long story at all. After Walter fired Paige last episode (yep!), this episode skips ahead a few weeks to wedding day. Paige and Ralph return to the garage for the festivities, and Ralph is less than impressed with Walter. He’s quite angry, actually. Ralph puts Walter right in his place in a beautiful display of acting by the young Riley B. Smith, and basically tells Walter to stop being a coward and confess his feelings.

In a move reminiscent of a great Waige moment from season 1, they share a dance, Walter confesses his love, and Paige returns the sentiment. They sneak away to a broom cupboard and just as things are getting hot and heavy, they’re caught by… well the whole team. Except Ralph, thank god.

So Quintis is married and Waige canon — all is well, right? WRONG! The team is offered a job in some tropical destination that I can’t remember, and Happy & Toby take this as a free honeymoon. The team boards the plane and just as their flying away into their tropical sunset, the engine fails and the plane goes down!

DUN DUN DUHHHH! We have to wait until next week to see what the team makes of this new and challenging situation.