Hello, Brandon is taking a week off and asked me to help write the post this week.  Why did he ask me you wonder?  Well, my name is Clay Jensen, and I’ve had firsthand knowledge about exactly what’s going on with 13 Reasons Why.

Last season, I was able to tell my story completely, but this year I was shut down and I’m pissed.  Episode 8 explores Mr. and Mrs. Bakers story.  I can empathize with them because they are just looking for justice for Hannah; just like me.

Andy and Olivia

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It was hard for me to watch Mr. Baker struggle through his practice testimony.  He’s still so sad about what happened to Hannah.  So he goes on the stand, and he testified about how she was bullied before and they questioned the school about their bullying policy.

And there is definitely a ton of bullying.  I released the tapes in hopes to get justice for Hannah, but maybe I should have thought it through.  I didn’t fully consider the repercussions. When we showed up for school, I realize that EVERYONE has listened to the tapes and all hell starts breaking loose.


Tyler gets locked in a room, but I think he deserves it since he’s a pervert.  Eventually, Cyrus’s sister comes and gets him out and yes they are still going on a date.  They are sick.

Someone places photo’s of Zach’s sister in his locker so he goes after Tyler thinking he is messing with him, which Tyler denies.


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Bryce gets a taste of his own medicine when he shows up and someone wrote “rapist,” on his locker.  He shrugs it off until he hears the confession that I taped being played in one of the rooms.  He didn’t know the tapes were released, so he runs to daddy to save him, the fucking dick.

Marcus is getting bullied by Tyler.  Tyler has some dirt on Marcus and in this episode, he tells Marcus that either Marcus is going down or he needs to take Bryce down.  I wasn’t there for this, I had to go see Skye after she FINALLY called me back, but I heard it was crazy.

So… Bryce’s family donated enough money for a new baseball stadium.  They were going to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony and Marcus was the emcee for the event.  He get’s up and begins his speech, but suddenly he goes off script and says he’s stepping down from the committee to protect girls because he’s a hypocrite.  He says that he has been covering for the rapist Bryce.

Yes, that happened. Oh, I wish I had been there to see Bryce’s face. I would have loved to see him squirm in his seat in front of all those people.  That bastard needs to burn, and it’s just getting started.

Chloe is starting to see the light as well.  She walks into the bathroom and hears some girls talking about Bryce and the tapes.  She’s feeling pressure so she escapes into a stall and see’s some writings about Jess.  Finally, she gets it and takes out her sharpie and covers up the slanderous bathroom shit.  Jess walks in and sees Chloe walk out with a sharpie. Jess goes into the stall to cry, since she just found out about the tapes being released, and see’s that Chloe has her back.

Mr. Baker does great with the prosecuting attorney, but so far that’s how all the testimonies have come through, including mine.  It’s when the defense begins their case that things go off the rails.


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The damn defense attorney.  I still don’t understand how my mom can work with such a conniving bitch.  Well, she ruthlessly questions Mr. Baker.  First, she gets him to reveal that he isn’t with Mrs. Baker anymore.  Then she gets him to confess that he cheated on her.  In her hunt for something to break him, she eventually gets him to say that Hannah knew about him cheating on her.

When I watched the flashback I remember that day. I remember Hannah being so happy and full of life.  I remember her smiling at me.  I remember how the sun shined through her hair. I remember things changing suddenly. I thought I said something that made her mad or maybe I didn’t put on enough deodorant.  I felt so weird leaving her that day, but now I know the truth.  She watched her dad kiss another woman.

She never told me anything about it.  Maybe I should have asked.  But I didn’t.

Next on the stand is Mrs. Baker.  Come to find out, Mrs. Baker didn’t know that Hannah caught her husband cheating, and that’s the reason why he confessed to her.  The defense attorney also gets Mrs. Baker to reveal that she has anxiety issues.  It’s a family thing, but Mrs. Baker never thought to get help for Hannah.  Things aren’t looking good for the case.

After the day of testimonies, Mr. and Mrs. Baker stay back to talk.  Mrs. Baker thinks that the defense attorney got into Mr. Baker’s head since now Mr. Baker is thinking that they had something to do with Hannah’s death.  Not that his cheating was the only reason, but that it was a piece of the puzzle as to why Hannah killed herself.

Maybe we all had a part in her death. Maybe that’s what the tapes were about.  It wasn’t just about Bryce, but that we all failed to be there for her?  Like I wasn’t there for Skye.

Skye and Clay

Oh yeah, I went to see Skye.  After weeks of trying to get ahold of her and me leaving random voicemails, she finally called back and asked me to visit her at her treatment center.  I missed her. I saw her and she looked great.  Her eyes were bright and her smile was warm.  Come to find out, she didn’t take my call because she couldn’t… phone restrictions.  I’m sure I sounded like a lovesick crazed boy to her, but she called me back after all of the nonsense.

I showed up hoping that we would be able to pick up where we left off.  I love her.   I really do.

I’m still working on getting over the shock, but apparently, she is, um, bipolar.  Manic episodes followed by deep depression.  I don’t think it’s that serious, but she agrees with the doctors.  I could have lived with that.  I hoped she would get home and I could help save her from that sickness, maybe I could make up for what I didn’t do for Hannah.  Maybe I can redeem myself. Maybe… just maybe.

I can’t.

I can’t save her because she’s not coming back.  Skye is going to live with her aunt in another state.  She says she needs to push the “reset button.”  She says she isn’t going to forget me, but she will. She says that she will always love me, but she won’t.  But what could I do?  I had to let her go.

We hugged.

She left.

So I went home.

I arrived to find Justin and Alex talking in my room.

justin and alex

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Alex tells me that Justin almost died by choking on his vomit after he shot up some heroin.  What an idiot.  I get pissed off at Justin for being a dipshit, but then Alex get’s pissed at me for sending out the tapes.  We yell for a bit, but what I need these guys to understand is that we need to get justice for Hannah. That’s my mantra. That’s my mission.  I don’t have anything left but that.  Hannah is dead. Skye is gone.  My purpose is to get justice.

Paint a banner and I’ll wave it around.  “JUSTICE FOR HANNAH.”

I can’t do it alone.  I tell the guys this. We need to do it together.  That’s the only way we are going to get through this.

Alex leaves as my mom get’s home.   I head down and we have another fight.  This time my mom finds out that I stole the tapes from her laptop.  I’m caught.  But damn it, she also did some shady shit. She was the one who leaked info to the defense attorney about the text messages.  We get in a fight and suddenly my dad loses it and starts yelling at us both. Then I’m told to go to my room. I protest at first until he yells at me… he never yells like that, so I head to my room and they start to fight.

Things are coming unraveled and living during it was hard, but some good is coming of it.  Justin went home to his mom.  I finally have a team to help me.  Skye is healthy, even if she isn’t with me anymore.  Bryce got called out in public for his sins.  And Jess finally is able to let her emotions out regarding the rape when she goes to Mrs. Bakers house and breaks down.

Well, there it is. This is my recap of the episode.  Sorry if it was hard to read at times, but I just get really emotional having to relive some of it.  Thanks for reading my thoughts.