Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

Just when you thought you were safe…JTV delivers a HUGE bombshell that puts one of our FAVES in danger! (Who you ask? Read on…)

Jane & Fabian
Jane spent most of the episode trying to come up with reasons for why she and Fabian aren’t compatible. He’s only fling material, according to her. And I was literally doing the same thing, which really reminds me of just how similar I am to Jane (you know, without all of the hotties pining over me). It’s actually pretty clear–if you really think about it–that Jane is still weary of a new relationship, which is why a fling seemed more appealing. But finally, after a pep talk from long-lost bestie Lina, Jane put aside her judgments and gave Fabian a real chance. And it turns out they really enjoy each other’s company. The night they spent together was very reminiscent of her first date with Rafael. (Still team Rafael over here, but I’m patient.)

Will these two build a lasting relationship with each other? Or is Fabian meant to be the man that helps Jane move on?

Rafael & Petra (and Chuck…)

Raf has total love eyes for Petra. Like, it’s out of control. But after Jane caught on, she advised him to hold back on his feelings. The last thing he wants is to hurt Petra again. (Side note: even though they were talking about his feelings for Petra, I still saw that as a beautiful Jafael scene!) So Rafael decides to back off. Little did he know, Petra was headed to Pensacola with Chuck to find a man named JP–the prime suspect in Scott’s murder case. Who’s this JP guy, you ask? According to Anezka, it was Scott’s nickname Jerky Pants for…CHUCK. That’s right! Chuck, a possible murder, has headed to Pensacola. Alone. With Petra. Eek!! Save her, Rafael! What a grand romantic gesture THAT would be!

Xiomara & Rogelio

After Xo confessed to Ro that she was afraid they were moving too fast and making the same mistakes, Ro gushed that he’s loved her forever and he doesn’t think they’re moving fast enough. AWWW. While, at first, we all think that this confession has scared off Xo and made her not want to move in with him, we realize it’s just the opposite. Xiomara PROPOSED to Rogelio! With a PURPLE RING! How perfect!! Let’s hope it’s sticks this time.

Alba the Activist

After feeling guilty for not standing up for a Hispanic woman who was bullied in her shop, Alba decides it’s high time that she uses her voice (and her “safe” status as a green card holder) to fight the power and ICE. How will she help incite change if she’s quiet? Alba found her voice this week. When she tried to encourage Jorge to join her, he was reluctant. While, at first, I was once again quick to judge him as a jerkface…it turns out he’s undocumented and doesn’t want to be deported. Who can blame him for being scared?

Questions to ponder til next time: Are you the type who could have a fling? And on a darker note, will Chuck try to kill Petra?!