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This past January, the nerd community was gifted the first season of Netflix’s fantastic adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s beloved, albeit quirky, book series. In case you missed it, check out our review of season one here!

After binge-watching the eight episodes of season 1, we anxiously awaited news of future seasons, praying to the gods of Netflix that this show would not have the same fate as the 2004 movie adaptation. (They tried. They really did. But…it flopped.)

This March, it was announced that a Season 2 had been confirmed, and would consist of 10 episodes which, if following the same 2-episodes-per-book format as the previous season, will cover the next five books in the series. Lead actor Neil Patrick Harris even got his first tattoo to celebrate. (He’s about as big of a fangirl for this show as we are, am I right?) Fans of the books, and new fans of the show alike, rejoice!


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What could be even better news than this? How about the fact that, just a short time after the season 2 announcement, a THIRD season was also confirmed? That’s right. It looks like we’ll see the full 13-book series finally adapted in its entirety.

Even better news? Filming has begun in Vancouver!

The exact release date of both seasons has not yet been confirmed, although some have theorized that Season 2 will be released in the same fashion as Season 1 – on Friday the 13th (the next of which is this coming October.) All we can do at this point is wait in anticipation…also rewatch Season 1 again…and again…

Which remaining book in the series are you most looking forward to seeing on screen? The dreary boarding school storyline of The Austere Academy? The suspenseful underwater adventures of The Grim Grotto? The freakishly fantastic traveling circus in The Carnivorous Carnival? Let us know in the comments!