We are continuing with Day Three’s adventures on the convention floor of Silicon Valley Comic Con. If you’re wondering where part 1 is or how Day 1 and 2 went, you can read it here.

It was the final day of SVCC and probably the busiest of all of them. We ended up arriving what we thought was super early for The Flash panel but we were wrong. At the Star Trek panel on Saturday, we were told we could only line up an hour before the panel. We arrived at 8:30am and the line had already started forming at 7am! We meet a lot of awesome people and cosplays. This awesome Avengers cosplay was in line just behind us and happens to be our good friends! They looked absolutely amazing for their first ever convention appearance!


The Radke Family and Friends

The Flash panel was hands down worth the wait. As stated in previous SVCC posts, this was Grant Gustin’s first convention and panel experience aside from San Diego Comic Con. Tom Felton and Grant were absolutely amazing! Grant informed us he has a musical movie on the way along with some insight into The Flash! Tom showed off his dance moves! Our Flash panel coverage can be found here including video of the entire panel.

After the panel, we booked it back to the convention floor to get in line for Tom Felton again with my two favorite teenage interns. There were multiple signs about Photo ops timing that were often off schedule, but there was no information at all about autograph timing. Some people waited over 3+ hours in line for signatures. Grant and Tom kept going between photo ops and autographs the entire day. By the end of it, you could tell they were exhausted and fried. I know some Grant Gustin fans waited just over 4 hours for an autograph, one of which said it was well worth it. My husband and I opted for a photo op when Grant was first announce a few months ago. I will say this, Grant Gustin’s hugs are seriously the best thing ever. I don’t know if he is some magical stress relieving unicorn or it’s just his genuine personality, but he really does make sure the fans feel appreciated. Thank you Grant for your magical hug and, sorry my dear husband for cutting you out of our photo. 😉


Shannon Parola with Grant Gustin

After my magical hug it was time to find some lunch. We ended up venturing back to the Outdoor Festival to the food trucks. The festival was much more lighter than the day before with the March for Science. Everyone was having a great time though in the sun. There was so much food still and they added a stage with a band. People were challenging others to dance competition. Fun was definitely in the air. While chowing down a hot dog, we were lucky to see Steve Wozniak fly by on his Segway on his way back to close the convention. So we decided to head back too and grab any last minute photos we could.


Steve Wozniak on his Segway headed back to the convention!

The cosplays this year were absolutely out of this world! There is a post that is coming out this weekend covering all the amazing ones we saw. We even have some cosplayers who are going to be featured on the site soon for interviews! One feature that was really cool was the downstairs gaming level of the convention. They turned it into an arcade and included the auction house exhibit and Adam Savage’s workshop. The arcade featured games from literally every place and genre. There were console games, arcade games, pinball machines,  board games, and even games created by San Jose State University students! (HAIL SPARTA!) Adam Savage’s workshop was packed the entire weekend with people wanting to learn something new or fix the cosplay they were wearing. The auction house was really awesome to see. We will have an article later in the week about the entire exhibit and how you can own a piece of movie history!


SVCC’s Gaming Level

To finish off our convention experience, I decided to get one of those awesome temporary tattoos that everyone else had. At this point, the convention is closed and everyone is packing up. I’m taking my sweet time trying to decide what I want, when I hear a very nice british accent in my ear say “get the death mark”. Apparently when you see Tom Felton three days in a row, you are officially BFFs. (jk I wish) I got a dark mark under Draco’s discretion and while I’m sitting there there is now a dog in my bag trying to get my gluten free cheese its. Normally I don’t share, but it’s none other than Gary Fisher. Try saying that with a straight face, “I met Gary Fisher while he ate my cheese its at a temporary tattoo station at a comic book convention.” You can’t, I’ve tried. I’ve laughed every single time. Shout out to Jake the world’s best intern for the one of the only press shot of Gary Fisher for the weekend.

Needless to say, SVCC was really good to The Game of Nerds this year. It was definitely a huge improvement from last year’s chaos and insanity. I can only imagine how amazing 2018 will be! Were you at Silicon Valley Comic Con? Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments and keep following The Game of Nerds for more SVCC coverage!