There’s always that one friend or family who knows a little too much about a specific franchise, may it be a TV show, a video game, or a movie series. With pop culture constantly on the rise, self-confessed nerds have grown in number—and no one’s complaining! This provides gift-givers tons of options when looking out for a present to give their nerdy buds. 

For those who have no idea where to begin, this article will help them pick out a gift geeks can’t resist. 

  1. Star Wars Merch 

When talking about nerds, it’s impossible to leave out Star Wars from the list. This movie franchise that started back in 1977 has gained a solid cult following even up to this day. 

This is why getting Star Wars merch is foolproof for those who are looking for geeky gifts. From a Lego Millenium Falcon to a BB8 robot, it’s easy to find a Star Wars-inspired present. 

  1. Ultimate Book of Trivia by Scott McNeely

Who doesn’t love trivia? And who loves trivia more than the average person? That’s right: nerds. There’s just something about learning new facts and information. For example, not everyone knows that cats can be allergic to people. Or that the longest wedding veil was longer than 63 football fields.

Nerds would love to receive a huge trivia book with thousands of astonishing knowledge tidbits inside. Plus, it will make a great coffee table book to complete their geeky crib. 

  1. Franchise-Inspired Board Game

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Board games are one way for a nerd to exhibit their mental ability and prowess. Top that with a movie-inspired board game to raise their excitement through the roof. Many board game options are available in the market that will bring out the geek in them, such as a Game of Thrones Monopoly, a Stranger Things card game, or a Jurassic Park strategy game.

  1. Medieval Costume or Props 

For fans of medieval lore, getting them a costume-and-props set is a great idea. This will make an excellent gift for those who are into cosplay or costume play. It will also come in handy if they are regular medieval festivalgoers, or even if they’re just huge Witcher or Lord of the Rings fans. 

Aside from a cool costume, get them some realistic weapons like a fantasy Scimitar sword. If it’s not in use, they can always put it on display to ramp up their lair. 

  1. Video Game Console or Accessories 

There’s almost always a video game console in a nerd’s cave, but it would be nice to give them an upgrade or the specific model that’s always been on their wishlist. There’s the Switch OLED version, the PS5, or the Xbox Series X. Since consoles don’t come cheap, it’s best to do the research and, most importantly, ask the recipient what they’re interested in first before buying.

  1. A Speedy Laptop 

Gadgets are a nerd’s portal to other dimensions. Exaggeration aside, they are a fail-proof present that any geek will love. After all, they need all the devices they can get to research more about the awesome stuff they’re into. Those planning to give them a new laptop don’t have to break the bank. They can easily acquire excellent quality refurbished gadgets at half the price. They can even score a refurbished iPad Air sans the hefty cost. 

  1. Superhero Comic Books or Graphic Novels 
Foto de Erik Mclean en Pexels

Superhero franchises are always the rage. Whether the recipient is a Marvel or a DC fan, there is a ton of cool merchandise available online or in stores. Good old comic books will never go out of style for the superhero nerds. Gift givers can supplement their present with limited-edition graphic novels to take it up a notch. 

  1. Complete Harry Potter Book Set 

Harry Potter has always been well loved by people all around the world, not just nerds! J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world has become a part of many childhoods. Big Harry Potter nerds will absolutely love getting the complete book collection to relive the magic again. Mischief Managed!

  1. Statement Shirts 

Statement shirts are a fun way to bring out one’s personality or mood. It’s also every nerd’s weakness! The choices are endless. Whether going for a movie-inspired quote or Einstein’s most famous mass-energy equivalence formula, one can never go wrong with a cool head-turning statement shirt.

  1. A Funko Pop of Their Fave Character 

There should be a Funko Pop for every pop culture character, from a Baby Yoda to a Demogorgon to every possible costume of Iron Man. Those looking for a Pop to give a nerd buddy will not have a hard time finding their favorite character!  

Let the Gift Hunting Begin

Those on a rut in choosing which gifts to buy for nerds can start with the above items. But the most important thing to consider is to know what your geeky family or friend is interested in. While it’s the thought that counts, a gift has more value when it hits the exact spot!