If you haven’t seen it and are avoiding spoilers, turn back now!

A lot happened in the episode, but we were still left with a crazy amount of cliff-hangers!

1) The most important is that Quentin’s killing the Fillorian god Ember “caused” the most ancient god’s (parents of these world gods, apparently) to send their magic plumber to effectively turn off magic–the problem hasn’t been resolved, and will likely be the plot of season 3, which will likely follow the untapped plot of book 2 “The Magician King.”  If you haven’t read the books yet, we highly recommend doing so over the hiatus!

  • We love that Quentin finally grew a pair, even if it took two full seasons to happen–his character is finally likable and less whiny.
Q grew a pair

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  • We saw a fan discussion about, “the ramifications of killing a god,” and how, “Ember killing Umber was just as much to blame,” which is false. Whimsical gods killing eachother is in their nature, and a constant theme throughout history. It also stands that with Alice’s niffin-knowledge that they only shut down magic when the cosmic specs get too carried away with it (humans killing gods). However, the repercussions were forshadowed by Persephone when she stopped Julia.

2) Speaking of Julia, she still has access to magic.  Could she be the saving force of magic? Could it be a gift from Our-Lady? Is she going to do sphincter magic?! Too many unanswered questions, and too many unknowns on the extent of the power she still has. Our next point does lead to a strong theory though: whatever Julia is, she isn’t fully human; she is a being of magic.

Julia spark magic

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3) Niffin Joseph appeared to a magic-less Alice to warn her that the Lamprey she dealt with before still holds a grudge and is after her and she needs to run.  That’s all fine and dandy, but he lays some special knowledge on us–creatures naturally made of magic are mostly fine (the freaking unicorns and vampires), but creatures that stole their magic unnaturally are slowly going to lose all their juice–the magicians and niffins. [Support for Julia claims made above]

Alice and the Lamprey Monster

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4) Elliot and Margo are powerless in Fillory with no magic, and the Faeries are in the middle of a hostile takeover of their kingdom when the episode ends–which is our cliffhanger for the duo.

The Magicians Fairies

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  • After 2 episodes with minimal Margo scenes, we were glad to see a reconciliation between her and Elliot, but she also gave us the best dialogue of the season with self-deprecating humor about her new found status as a cyclops.

5) We don’t get a post-magic shut off epilogue story with a special cliffhanger for Penny–it’s implied he should be dead, but this seems unlikely, as the writers need him around for Kadey’s deal with Marlee Matlin (and since they’ve tied her entire story arc to him it would be super awkward character wise if she just died–or maybe she’ll be self motivated to find and hunt Reynard, because NO ONE is happy about him still being alive with zero on screen repercussions).  But we learned an important lesson from Penny, and the season at large–breaking the rules and entering a restricted area are not excuses to miss work!


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