Is this the end, or is this the beginning? Showdown with the Dominators concludes on The Legends of Tomorrow. Photo Credit: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow/CW

After the Green Arrow team escaped the ship they sent Thea back home because she felt she couldn’t handle the upcoming fight. On the Waverider the team tries to find weaknesses of the Dominators that they can use against them. They know that a cover up from 1951 happened as the first time the Dominators came for a scouting mission. So Steel, Heatwave, and White Canary go back in time in the hopes of capturing a Dominator so they can question or test on. Cisco and Felicity can’t miss a chance to time travel so they hop on as well.

The rest of the Legends team, including Vixen this time, and the remaining Arrow team minus Speedy join the rest of the team on the front lines preparing for a battle. They make Felicity and Cisco stay on the ship in 1951 as they go to the battle, the three wait until most of the battle has concluded and nabbed the last straggler Dominator. However when this happened they were surrounded by suits, shot and all taken prisoner. They were stuck in a room with the same Dominator and was able to communicate with him telepathically to find out what it is they wanted and why. He was saying that they monitor worlds until they become such a threat that they have to eliminate the world before the world goes to annihilate them. They see Earth as a threat, and have to do something about it. The suits take the Dominator in another room and torture him to try to get information from him, when the “geeks” Felicity and Cisco come to break them out and save the day which causes Heatwave to say, “great saved by geeks.” They decide they want to try to show the Dominators they are reasonable and save the Dominator and let him go back to his ship.

When they return to present day they are able to communicate with the Dominator on the ship with some alien tech. This is when they learn that Earth is viewed as a threat because Flash had the ability to go back in time and create Flashpoint. Cisco realizes that he was giving Barry so much grief for going back in time and making an alternate universe when he went back in time and suggested to release the Dominator who is now present day wanting to destroy Earth. He realizes his mistakes and is able to forgive and trust Barry.

While this is happening Professor Stein and Caitlin Snow are working to find a solution they can use to help stop the threat. Professor Stein with the help of his daughter work together and find a solution. The thing is he has been so distant is because his daughter is an aberration because he altered his personal time line and in this time line he has a daughter. He finally says something to Snow and ultimately doesn’t want anyone to know what he has done.


This picture did take place previously, but it shows how scary the Dominators are for the upcoming fight. Photo Credit: The Flash/CW

A plan is put into motion on what they need to do after they learned from the “Suit” back in 1951 that he has still had contact with the Dominator and that they want Barry Allen to turn himself in as he is considered the real threat and they will leave Earth. The team decides that they can’t trust the Dominators to keep their word and that Barry is a trusted friend, even to Cisco and the team needs to take a stand and fight off the Dominators on earth. Cisco and White Canary aboard the Waverider to try to find a way to stop the bomb that will destroy Earth. On the ground an epic battle took place on top of a building, in the air the Waverider was able to locate this giant bomb and put it’s tractor beam on it, but it was only slowing it down some and not enough to make much of an impact. When White Canary realized she couldn’t stop it she asked for Firestorm to come and help with the bomb. Firestorm goes to help to try to change the makeup of the bomb into something non lethal. Jackson is struggling to do it but inside Stein is telling him he can do it and why. With the last push Firestorm is able to change the makeup to some sort of liquid, after this happens the Dominators worldwide start to retreat back to the mother ship and leave.

The new President has a secret ceremony to thank these heroes for what they have done, but didn’t alert the world to a threat that might still come. With the threat stopped for now the team celebrates the victory and gets ready to take on their previous journeys. Kara tells Oliver, who had trust issues before, and I failed to mention that Kara saved Oliver during the Dominator fight on the rooftop, that he is a strong leader and that is why everyone looks to him. Cisco gives Kara a transmitter where she can get back to Earth-38 and if she needs anything she can come back to Earth with it. She makes her departure for awhile as her mid season is concluded I believe.

The Legends all get ready to get back on the Waverider to take off to an adventure which will be their mid season finale next week. Barry and Oliver talk and go to share a beer together. Both will have mid season finales next week.

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