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Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia. Photo courtesy of TellTaleTv.

**This article contains spoilers for “The Red Queen” and events that happened in prior episodes.**

“You are WonKru, or you are the enemy of WonKru. Choose.”

“Red Queen” dove right into the meat of what we all wanted to know.  How was everyone in the bunker doing? Well, not so good. Octavia was above and beyond the focus of this episode, and she stole the show on both a performance and character level. Last we saw her, she had made some huge steps—and some drastic choices with consequences she is now being forced to face. Facing these requires her to be a leader…something she doesn’t feel she is equipped for, or meant to be. But this episode was about getting her to that point, and it did a fantastic job at doing so.

The Octavia at the beginning of the episode, and at the end of the episode are essentially two different people. At the beginning we still have our warrior Octavia. One that is holding onto the world she once knew—as expressed with her reaction to people stealing blankets and appreciating a book that reminds her of Bellamy. It took an impromptu rebellion, and some harsh guidance from Jaha to get Octavia to where she needed to be. She needed to understand that she has to make those impossible decisions if she wants as many people to survive the five years as possible. I really enjoyed how she held her ground on WonKru, and how their focus is on being one now. The scene where Octavia is putting everyone in their place in front of the sealed doors was one of her coolest moments on the show.

Jaha played a powerful role in this episode, and I’m glad he made an impact before departing. As mentioned above, he was critical to Octavia’s journey. His speech about how they had to run things on the Ark— even bringing up her mother—hit hard. These were things Octavia had to hear, but only Jaha would have been able to say. On top of guiding Octavia, Jaha made sure to remind the audience, as well as everyone in the bunker, just how screwed they are. They are caved in, and there is no other way out. While it’s sad to see him go, his departure was well gone and for the better.

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Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia. Photo courtesy of TellTaleTv.

It wasn’t all about Octavia and Jaha though- Marcus and Abbey had a lot to deal with. Abbey still is upset with Marcus for saving her. On top of that, she heard someone she believed to be Clarke on the surface (little does she know how correct she was). Want to add more to her troubles? She is still sick. While there are still plenty of hanging questions about the two of them, it was good to get several scenes as they were able to deepen their relationship.  I look forward to seeing the two of them as they navigate the hellscape that the bunker will become in the six years we’ve seen that they are down there.

The 100 delivered an excellent episode as it explored Octavia’s journey to being the commander the bunker needed—as we also said goodbye to an original cast member along the way. When it comes to that tease at the end though, just how far has Octavia fallen into this commander role? What did Marcus do to be put into their bunker-made conclave? And is that Kara as Octavia’s right hand woman?

What did you guys think of the episode? Make sure to leave your thoughts on it down below!

Bonus Notes:
– Octavia stopping Kara’s suicide was badass.
– Jackson and Miller got a little attention this week, but the that small amount went a long way—especially when Jackson eyed the gun on Kara but didn’t make the move.
– I really enjoyed the small scene of the man playing the guitar as the rebels waited out the chaos outside.

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