Photo Source: John P Fleenor/FOX

Praise Gina and her G-hive! (Is Ginazon a real website? Can we make it real?) Once again, Queen Gina saved the day. More on that in a bit, though.

The Inner Circle of the 99 (I didn’t even know there was an outer circle…how did Scully and Hitchcock make the inner circle?!) learned this week that they would most likely be shut down at the end of the day, so most of the detectives spent their day as wisely and happily as the could. Gina went around pranking everyone and making them drink cement, Terry fought against Hitchcock for the title of “Mr. 99” (yes, you read that correctly), Amy spent time with Holt, and Jake and Charles solved one last epic case.

Jake and Charles decided to take the very last case given to the 99–a bike robbery–and solve it in the most fun way possible. They got a cool mustang out of the impound lot, matching leather jackets, and hi-tech spy gear. All for a bike thief! But of course, things are never as they seem in Brooklyn, so when they pulled up on this bike thief, they also found he was carrying a huge load of heroin. Like, enough to save the 99! But soon Jake and Charles realized it would take them longer to bust the drug ring than the time they had to save the 99. They decided, though, to be good cops and do the right thing. Bust the bad guys no matter what! Hold on, I’m getting a little emotional. Let me hold my binoculars up to my eyes for a minute.

Back at the 99, Amy told Holt that she always saw him as a mentor, and he surprised her by saying that he had in fact been mentoring her this entire time! He has a 9 year mentorship for her and he just hasn’t gotten to the part where he tells her about it. Amy, rightfully so, could barely handle this news. TBH, neither could I. A secret mentorship?! What a dream. Amy, in total freak out mode, decides she’d like to learn everything from him in the time they have left in the day. She’s basically a master stenographer so this was easy peasy for her. And it made for a pretty funny mentorship-in-a-minute scene.

Meanwhile, Terry was down in the dumps because he hasn’t solved as many cases as…Hitchcock. Yep. You read that right. Because he’s been here 20 years longer than Terry, Hitchcock has solved the most cases, which makes him “Mr. 99”. Terry works all day to try to find a few more cases to solve, and while all hope seemed lost for a bit, Rosa came to the rescue! She reminded Terry that he’s assisted in solving so many of the 99’s cases that he deserves a little bit of credit for most of them. That makes Terry the real “Mr. 99”.

Finally, throughout the entire episode, Gina live-streamed the happenings of the 99 for her new website, Ginazon, because she has a very loyal G-Hive and they need to be entertained constantly. While she WAS making everyone drink cement, she actually ended up saving everyone, too! During one of her livestreams, she caught some of Holt talking about how the 99 would be shut down, so the G-Hive banded together, called the commissioner and convinced him to keep the 99 open. You know, I would say that is totally unbelievable, but it actually doesn’t surprise me at all that Gina has a big online following–she’s awesome.

So in the end, typically as usual, everything had a happy ending. The 99 stays open, Jake and Charles busted the drug ring, and Holt and Amy get to continue onto Phase 2 of their mentorship.