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Powerless - Season 1
Evans Vestal Ward / Warner Bros. Entertainment / NBC

Last week on Powerless, we got a cameo from 2 superheroes that weren’t Crimson Fox, lots of workplace and societal sexism, and random objectification of a buff dude; overall, it was a solid episode.

Before we get to recapping – can we discuss the weird episode order this show has been airing in?! I swear “Van v Emily, Dawn of Justice” never actually aired – and it had plot elements we needed in this Green Furious episode. The network is likely trying to shuffle episodes around to get people interested – but FOX did this with The Mindy Project in season one & ABC did it to Happy Endings (RIP) and I HATE it!

Okay sorry, back to the plot. Green Fury and her boyfriend The Olympian have just broken up, causing the tabloids to speculate non-stop about wether she was dumped, wether she’s let herself go, wether she’s dating anyone new, etc. One day, as Emily is getting street food, she sees Green saving a bunch of people from a burning building. When she lands, the only thing the paparazzi want to ask her about is her dating life. Em jumps to her defense AND saves her life from the villains fireball. Green gives Emily a magical button that she can push if she’s ever in trouble!

At work, Emily gets to attend her first board meeting. she wants to use this as an opportunity to pitch some ideas, but Van wanted her there so she could laugh at his jokes and make him look good. Literally every time Van speaks I want to punch him. Emily isn’t having any of this so she speaks up when the board decides to cut her team’s protective poncho idea.

Powerless - Season 1
Evans Vestal Ward / Warner Bros. Entertainment / NBC

The board is all “ohh look a girl is talking” and they won’t take her seriously so she mentions that she can get Green Furious to be the spokesperson for the poncho. The men all laugh at her and so she pushes her emergency rescue button. Green is annoyed at first that this isn’t a real emergency, but Emily assures her that it’s a work emergency, and those are more important. After some sweet-talking from Emily and general annoyingness from Van, GF agrees to sponsor the poncho, helping Emily and taking the focus off of her own love life.

Emily comes up with a perfect commercial idea, where Green Furious is extra badass and saves the day. The board tell her they love it and want to move forward with shooting it. On the day of the commercial however, the men in marketing have completely steamrolled the commercial and turned it into a Carl’s Jr. burger ad. They actually expected the female superhero to rise out of a hot tub naked and deliver some cheesy line.

Thankfully, Emily steps in, shoots the whole thing down, and Green Furious suggests her ex would be super down to be objectified and in the limelight. So The Olympian flies in, washes the car all sexy, Green throws him a poncho, and the whole thing is aight. We also learn that he wants to get back together with her but she’d rather just bang one out hehehe.

Powerless - Season 1
Evans Vestal Ward / Warner Bros. Entertainment / NBC

In B plot land, Teddy is really trying to win Green over, and he tries literally everything; he changes his personality, he changes his clothes, he prepares an anti Game Of Thrones rant, and becomes a woke feminist who wears guy-liner. But homie, she’s just not that into you! This would be a relatively annoying storyline that would make me scream SHE SAID NO, GTFO at the TV, but Danny Pudi gets to use his charm and wit and actually have a storyline so I’ll forgive it, but only because its Abed!

Powerless airs Thursday nights at 8:30/7:30c on NBC

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