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9-1-1 S3 E5 “Rage”

Hey yall! Ok so let me just say that I don’t have 9-1-1, but are the writers running out of content. Another story line, that could have been interesting is thrown down the tubes once again. I know, I know it seems like I am always saying something kind of negative about the show, but I enjoyed the first two seasons of this show, but season three can’t seem to stick with a potentially great plan for a story line. The story line ends before it begins.

The episode begins with two bestfriends at a place where you can destroy things to deal with your life issues. Well during the session one of the friends end up spilling the beans about sleeping with the other friends husband. Long story short, the cheating friend ends up in a barrel because her friend was trying to get her. Needless to say friendship is no longer viable. Sigh, it seems like even the emergencies are tired. I don’t know what to say about this episode. It was just the entire crew dealing with issues happening in their life. But then some life is pumped into the episode with an attack on Athena’s family. Once again, are they just going to keep disregarding Michael’s relationship ending and we’re just not going to talk about it. Or the fact that he has been missing the first few episode’s? No? Well fine. I will be upset if they bring it up later, because then I won’t care.

So Hen and her wife are trying to have a baby, and they learned that they have six viable embryos. Which in the end, none survived. So they are devastated and having second, third, and fourth thoughts about even having a baby. Furthermore, why doesn’t Hen just try the procedure and harvest her own eggs and give them both a fighting chance, but hey I guess it is just tv and not real life.

Last week Buck decided to sue the city, after saying how much he love his 118 family. But obviously that was only until he realized that he couldn’t return to active duty. But we know Buck is on blood thinners, and he almost died of blood loss during the Los Angeles tsunami. Any who, the whole team is part of the litigation and are all explaining their cases. Not sure how it is relevant, especially since the smallest of cuts will cause him to bleed profusely because his blood can’t clot. I can see it from both sides but to me it is just simply rather annoying. Instead of Buck just waiting to ensure that he is ok, he sues everyone. And uses their life situations against them. Some family. Now, he’s trying to look contrite. No sir. But then again no one does you dirty like your family does. Buck is then offered a settlement to go away and he is not happy with it because he only wants his job back. But his lawyer is like make a choice and what did he think was going to happen. Hmpf.

Then the 118 runs into Buck on a grocery shopping trip and they all get on him about the lawsuit and the lack of communication. Buck is reminded once again that he is not apart of the team but this time with different consequences. In the end Buck gets his job back because the city just didn’t want to deal with his whining and he goes back to work. But the whole crew at the 118 is looking at him all upside his head. There is just a way to go about doing things, now can he be trusted.

You know what the second emergency is not even worth mentioning, just watch it. Cause just yeah.

Now we get to the heart of the episode, Michael and the kids get pulled over by the police. And it goes left. Now, I am not sure if they are dealing with current issues putting this in or what. The officers were prejudice right from the start and it goes left right away. Instantly, a gun is pulled out because they didn’t see the kid in the back seat. Realizing what they have done, they back off and let Michael, May, and Harry go without running a thing. Now, being a black woman I understand this feeling being scared of the police and hoping you will make it out alive from a supposed routine traffic stop. Now, knowing how Angela Bassett’s character is, she is not going to take this lightly o so we thought. She tries to downplay the situation and even chastises Michael for arguing with the police. I am simply shocked at her reaction to this situation. I thought that she would be more behind her family, especially her kids. She actually defends the officers. But once she sees the video she gets angry. Now, it may be a little cliche but she ends up pulling over the same cop and she gives him a little taste of his own medicine. I am on the fence about that scene.

More stuff not worth mentioning. But Bosko and Eddie are getting closer. At this point I am checking to see how much more of the episode is left. Because it is just boring. And I am like are there really 10 more episodes of this show, like for real. BTW Rhonda Rousey is a little irritating. But it was a good chance to show off her MMA fighting skills.

But you know what I really like in this show. I love the relationship that Bobby and Michael are forming. It is almost like they are brother’s and it was so intense in the beginning. He even shares information with Bobby that he does not share with Athena, like the ending of his relationship. I am not going to belabor the point but I am an analytical person and there are too many loose ends in this show. Michael and Bobby discuss what happened and he reassures Michael and basically lets him know that he has his back and his new family’s back. Michael then has a heart to heart with Harry, the same discussion that I have had with my brother’s and my son’s. So that part of the episode hit a little too close to home.

So that’s the review for this week’s episode. Hopefully it starts to pick up some. See yall next week.

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