Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

Here is a sentence that will utterly confuse anyone who’s never seen iZombie:

This week, former engaged couple Liv & Major took on the personalities of a nerdy father & teenaged daughter–Liv was the father, Major was the daughter. 

Now that we’ve scared away…or maybe intrigued…non-iZombie watchers, let’s get to the actual recap.

Clive is still reeling from the deaths of Wally and Angela. Who are they again? Oh right, they were zombies who were just killed by some gun-loving zombie haters. But they weren’t always zombies. For a while, when Clive was undercover, he was their next door neighbor. Clive defended Angela from her abusive ex and arrested him, and their relationship blossomed from there. While they never got romantic–Clive’s case heated up and he needed to pull away–it was clear that they both wanted to, and Clive still thinks of them dearly. Throughout the episode, while he was being questioned by another detective about his involvement with them, we saw flashbacks of happier times with the three of them. While we don’t know for sure who killed them yet, we do know that it was someone who believes zombies are real and wants them eradicated.

As mad as these violent people make me, I can’t imagine finding out that zombies are living around me. The iZombie portrayal of zombies is very different than what the general public expects…you know with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones and all those shows. Of course people are going to think they’re dangerous and a clear threat! Not condoning killing…all I’m saying is I understand the fear.

But you gotta know, of course, I’m definitely team zombie. This ensemble is one of my favorites on TV. They all have such a fun chemistry…it’s easy to see they enjoy working together. And it’s even more fun now that the whole gang knows.

Moving on to the mystery of the week…

A father and daughter were hit by a truck and killed, so Major and Liv chose them as their next meal. Liv got the dad’s brain and Major got the daughter. We’ve already seen Rose McIver’s range when it comes to character portrayals, but this was our first real glimpse into Robert Buckley’s range. And boy did he nail it. Teenaged girl Major was just about the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen–he needs to guest-star on Jimmy Fallon’s “Ew!” ASAP. And of course, dorky dad Liv was super entertaining as well. Together this father/daughter duo was able to figure out (through visions) that the daughter’s friend was having an affair with her own step-father (ew). So the mother (of the friend) killed them in a hit and run to keep them from going to the authorities.  So many pronouns…sorry. Don’t you love how these murderers always think they’re going to get away with it and the murder will keep everything quiet? No. Sorry. You just made things a million times worse for yourself!

No Peyton or Blaine this week, which was honestly fine by me. I love Peyton, but Blaine can be a little much (especially in the premiere with all of the singing). I’m sure they’ll be back next week, though, because Ravi is still very plagued by this love triangle. #TEAMPAVI! Luckily Dad-Liv was there to give him sage advice.

Speaking of ships, I am confused about Liv and Major. They are a very interesting ship because they obviously love each other, but they switch very easily from romantic love to platonic love. Like, right now it’s platonic, but who knows, maybe next week it will shift back to romantic. Since they’re both zombies now, shouldn’t this be the time when they can actually be together? The good thing is, their relationship is enjoyable either way, and that’s not always the case to will-they-or-won’t-they couples.